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aspire zone qatar sports activities to do near aspire park doha

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Aspire Zone is termed for a wide recreational platform created for Doha residents and Tourists alike. It is an award-winning lifestyle establishment for sports, health, and lifestyle and wellness activities. Many elements of this zone are recognized at an international standard. Here is everything you can gaze upon while your visit to Qatar. One can easily reach out to any place in Qatar. Being a small country, the connectivity through transport systems is flawless. As a tourist or even a resident, you can take a metro to Aspire Park. From sports to leisure and luxurious activities, the Aspire Zone has something for everyone:

Khalifa Stadium: A Running Trail

Also known as Aspire Stadium because of its proximity to Aspire Park, this is one of the most prized recreational and sport events areas:

  • The Khalifa Stadium is able to host many sports events of the regional, GCC and international levels
  • One has the facility to jog around this Aspire Park Running Trail. This stadium is currently being renovated to host the upcoming Qatar FIFA 2022 impeccably. The renovation is going on since the official announcement of the host country for the tournament.
  • Cooling technology is being established in and around the stadium to ensure the quality stays of the visitors.

Aspire Park

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Doha is incomplete without this landmark. The Aspire Park incorporates various lush green parks having various recreational activities:

Aspire Park Balloon Festival

Aspire Park annually has a hot-air-balloon festival to celebrate the architectural beauty of Qatar. 

  • It occurs every year on December 7 to 18.

  • Billions of hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes are floated up in the sky.

  • The festival also includes recreational activities (music, dances and theatre performances) for the whole family to enjoy.

  • The first Qatar Hot Air Balloon Festival took place in December 2019, and the tradition is continued duly each year.

Aspire Trampoline Park

This one is a favorite amongst kids. The trampoline park has a collection of different trampolines under safety, for kids to enjoy:

  • The area is covered with nets to ensure safety.

  • Kids can enjoy this park for a very small fee.

  • Safety guards take care to avoid any potential injures as well

  • Trampolines of all strengths, sizes, and colors create a unique experience.

Aspire Park Lakes

Lakes surround Aspire parks from one end. The other has the tall Aspire Tower reaching p to the skies. 

  • The Aspire Lakes gives a pleasant environment even in the summers and afternoons time.

  • The stalls at the shore of the Lakes have many different cuisines to try out snacks from.

Aspire Tower

Aspire Tower is a multi-functional architectural pioneer of Qatar. It has a separate area, with its own historical and economic significances:

  • It was created as both a restaurant and office complexes

  • Aspire Tower was a symbol for the 2006 Asian Games. It was called the ‘Torch’ of the games.

  • It has Aspire Park all around it and is thus visible to from all areas of the parks.

  • Aspire Tower of Doha is also a symbol to show the economic benefits of the capital.

Aspire Mosque

Aspire Zone, Along with activities related to health and lifestyle, also includes its traditional values as well. 

  • The Aspire Mosque is a great way to understand and experience Islamic Culture and Traditions.

  • It is a family-friendly mosque, with prayers being held twice every day.

  • Religious activities are also held here in intervals and annual auspicious dates.

  • This mosque has a capacity of 700 men and is thus appropriate to celebrate religious festivals.

Villaggio Shopping Mall

This one is heaven for people who love shopping and going through stores and malls. 

  • The Villaggio Shopping Mall includes all kinds of brands, from thrift shops to luxurious establishments; Villaggio has it all under one roof.

  • Highly renovated from time to time, it meets all international standards of luxurious spending.

  • In-built restaurants and eateries are perfect to have a dash of energy while shopping all day long.

Aspire Dome

Aspire Dome, along with Khalifa Stadium completes the essence of health and sports in Qatar. 

  • It is the world’s largest multi-functional dome

  • Aspire Dome offers the highest quality of sporting functions and events, of both national and international standards.

  • With a seating capacity of 15,500 people, it is a part of a complex named ‘Aspire Academy.

Ladies Sporting Events

A separate area is dedicated to the health and lifestyles of women in Aspire Park. It includes a range of activities for women to choose from:

  • Al Aziziyah Boutique incorporates a training camp related to many sporting events: basketball, volleyball, tennis, and many more.

  • The only Ladies Club is present in Doha’s Aspire Park and caters specifically to women.

General Rules and Regulations for Aspire Park

Since the Doha Aspire Park is a place for everyone, a general regulation of rules and guidelines is created for proper maintenance of the decorum. It is best to know and adhere to these rules:

  • It is best to wear comfortable, yet not much revealing clothing. Qatar culture believes in covering the body and considers it to be modest.

  • Bargaining is prohibited. Any fees of the activity requested must be provided in the full amount at once.

  • Women are not allowed to enter the Mosque. As a part of the Arab and Islamic traditions, it is expected to adhere to the religious rules as well.

Aspire Park of Doha is truly a place for everyone who wishes to enjoy their day with their families. With activities ranging from adventure sports to trying out numerous restaurants, Aspire Park is a great rendezvous place to be joyous about life.

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