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Latest Review (180 Customers)

Good website for all Qatar visas | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Had my Qatar visa applied for through Qatarevisaonline and was pretty much good for an experience.

Reviewed By Kalima Adnan
Qatar was too easy to reach | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Been to Dubai for a tour and now wanted to go back to Qatar as my friends were to catch up there, applied for a Qatar visa and was obtained very easily.

Reviewed By Faisal Anwar
My dreams came true | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Qatar was more of a dream come true for me when I applied for a visa via Qatarevisaonline. Thanks for making it true.

Reviewed By Rosy Rowan
Easy to contact | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Unlike others where you have to fill in the information on a form first for contacting, here at Qatarevisaonline contacting is far more easier and is one to one.

Reviewed By Shaurya Hridam
Never failing to meet my expectaions | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

No matter how tight my situation is, my Qatar visa is made available easily via Qatarevisaonline.

Reviewed By Preeti Veer
Any Qatar visa related issue | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

No matter what Qatar related visa issues I have I apply for one through Qatarevisaonline and they give me the privilege to have a rest while they do all of the works. I would also like to give personal ratings to each stuff I found here on the website and can be given as follows: A. very nice way of talking to me B. getting all of the information in my head C. no matter how confused I am I get lot of help from their blogs D. very good and friendly staff overall. need to make stronger ties ahead.

Reviewed By Bethany Kris
Highly appreciated for the explanation | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Good explanation of visas!

Reviewed By Timith Tilsaw
Loved it! | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

Will come more often

Reviewed By Sameer Kalakar
Justification for visa application | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

The team at Qatarevisaonline tends to give justification even if my visa has been rejected which even if I was sad, found really helpful as I could do better in my next application, this helped me greatly to overcome my sense of fear!

Reviewed By Ila Payari
Kept me worry-free from document requirements | Date Posted 20/Aug/2020

While other companies would ask for all of the big and hefty documents all to be sent via post which could cost me more than thousands, here at Qatarevisaonline they asked every document to be sent only scanned out. The following was requested: 1. my passport scan 2. my visa application 3. my flight tickets to Qatar 4. my hotel booking That's right just with these I got my Qatar visa. pretty insane!

Reviewed By Carlos Kevin
Saved my time from driving to Embassy | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Traveling out of the house is not an option now and hence I decided to apply for my Qatar visa from Qatarevisaonline and ut has helped me save time and not having to travel out of my house but just having to pack and going to the airport direct.

Reviewed By Haleedha Karim
Saved a lot of money | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

When applying for a visa is considered there are few things due to which you need to spend a lot. But when I applied for a Qatar visa via Qatarevisaonline I could save up a lot of money. the following are the areas where I could save up: 1. didn't have to send any copies 2. saved my money from using for the post as I sent all of my documents scanned 3. easy low-cost services 4. service fee was also low as compared to others 5. no need for tracking fees Truly a budget based site.

Reviewed By Alideen Ali
Satisfied and big thanks | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Thank you for each and everyone at Qatarevisaonline for making my visa application easy and a big thanks as well.

Reviewed By Lianna Jegger
Good site to apply | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Applied for Qatar visa and I am happy with the results.

Reviewed By Conor Kary
Professional team to my rescue | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Good level of efficiency and professionalism

Reviewed By Juan Dian
Would definitely recommend it | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

I have a big family and having a visa taken for all of them is next to impossible, but Omanievisa helped me get it all at once. For your kind information, I applied for 25 people at once. That is a large amount and my visa arrives in just one week and I am happy that within such short notice they delivered all the visas.

Reviewed By Mustafa Nizamuddin
I really thank my friend for the referrals | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Qatar visa for me is the hardest to apply for but just as my friend said it is easy and I could do it only because of Qatarevisaonline and I am really happy to recommend it to others as well

Reviewed By Alexander Mason
Happy to get such good service at a good rate | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Was trying to get a Qatar visa from Qatarevisaonline for my father who is quite old and couldn't do it on his own and I thought I would have to submit some documents to prove his age but Qatarevisaonline did not ask any such documents and hence it was just any other visa application like a normal one. Thinking about his age I was also worried whether I would need to pay the extra money, but no, they did not ask for that either. This helped me to get a lot of advantages, unlike other sites where they ask money based on your age. thank you or the good work.

Reviewed By Hope Steve
Pleasure dealing with them | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

Had a good way of getting the Qatar visa and hence had a pleasure dealing with such efficient people.

Reviewed By Parth Kapil
Got my Qatar visa just as promised | Date Posted 21/Aug/2020

I thought my visa would be a bit delayed when they said it would arrive in three days and it had not arrived at least after two days and the third day morning. But in the evening I got the mail and I found that just as they said on the third day I got my visa.

Reviewed By Adnan Qaatil
Extremely happy with all the process | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I am extremely happy with the services given by Qatarevisaonline. I had applied for a visa to Qatar and was appointed to one of the team members. the team member informed me about the visa as soon as it had been processed and issued to me. Because of this upright way of informing, I was able to catch my flight on time. Will surely apply again in the times of emergency. They will make sure you get your flight no matter what.

Reviewed By Kelvin Devin
Very quick in issuing Qatar visa | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Whether it is an emergency visa situation or a situation where even if you get the visa after three weeks it is okay, Qatarevisaonline makes sure that you get your visa at the earliest and to the date that they mention at all times. Too good as a team and workers.

Reviewed By Mohamad Faizal
Solved all my issues | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I had some doubts initially when starting my application for Qatar visa. Not to mention that all of them were solved. Thanks.

Reviewed By Swati Sawant
Immensely good | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Very good services provided to all without any bias.

Reviewed By Shreya Sriram
Got many benefits | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Not only did I book my Qatar visa but I also got insights on tour plans and hotels present in Qatar to book for my stay period.

Reviewed By Kabir Yousuf
Helped me gain my precious opportunity | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I had a very tight window of time to travel to Qatar as my interview was to take place almost instantly and I got really good help from Qatareviaonline. They not only helped me get my visa on time but this was one opportunity that was very precious to me and I couldn't let go of it. I hope you get more good number of customers and all of my hope is with you.

Reviewed By Naina Gautam
So very thankful | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I submitted my passport on Monday and I was shocked to get my visa stamped on my passport till Friday the same week. While I tried to do the same with other companies in the past they couldn't even process my visa after two weeks had passed. I am so very thankful to Qatarevisaonline for making it right and helping me

Reviewed By Rose Henry
Updation and service best | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

Kept me updated about the visa application again and again. Thanks for such an excellent service.

Reviewed By Stella Carter
I got fast help | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

My travel was supposed to be conducted before the Eid holidays and I had a very short amount of time but Qatarevisaonline helped me get to Qatar before the holidays started and got me the fast help that I wanted.

Reviewed By Dona Joseph
Happy with the service | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

It was an absolutely good chance that I had where I could contact you for my Qatar visa requirements. Very happy with service given

Reviewed By Michele Nathan
Answering very fast | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I was very new to applying for a Qatar visa and they at Qatarevisaonline made sure to answer all the questions.

Reviewed By Darsh Dakshit
Smooth application | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

To say my experience was smooth and good is an understatement but it is actually recommended to all who wish their applications went as smooth as mine.

Reviewed By Leo Max
Couldn't ask for any better | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

The process could not have been any easier.

Reviewed By Safiyah Aslan
Sorry and grateful for help | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

the application without any doubt was an easy one but when I reached the Qatar airport they said there was some problem with my visa. That was when I thought that whether Qatarevisaonline had made any mistakes and so I called them up to check it out, they said there were no such issues which were found in my visa and said it was perfect. Then it turned out that it was the airport officials' problem and not my visa that was at fault. It was pretty much obvious that I would doubt Qatarevisaonline as it was my first time. But the truth is that I am really sorry and grateful at the same time for helping me out in such a bad condition.

Reviewed By Jocelyn Jayden
Will use more of your services | Date Posted 22/Aug/2020

I normally visit the offices for my visa to Qatar but used Qatarevisaonline for a change and I am impressed that without having to do much I got eventually the same results. Will use more!

Reviewed By Soha Nawab
Best to come across | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Best in terms of speed, precision, motivation, support, processing of visa, explanation, understanding, clarity and so on.........., it just turns out that the whole list is too high to be mentioned here! Just overall best to come across

Reviewed By Joel Coelho
Honest and Hardworking | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Want an honest and hardworking team to get your visas to Qatar on time, the Qatarevisaonline is an absolute recommendation by not only me but also from the whole of my family. Absolutely love the way they are honest and efficient at the same time!

Reviewed By Ola Niall
Easy as it is | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Easy to follow all the guidelines.

Reviewed By Naina Jain
Happy and excited for my trip | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

More than happy to even describe it with words. kind of happy mixed with excitement is what I am feeling right now because I just received my Qatar visa form Qatarevisaonline and I am all set for my trip! Also as I had promised to them I have also been recommending them since my application has been filed!

Reviewed By Sianne Leni
Was comfortable and way too easy | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

A lot easier than the first time I had to book through an agent. Pros that I found while applying for Qatar visa: 1. easy application form with fewer details to be filled in 2. having low-cost management 3. being precise during work Cons that I found while working with Qatarevisaonline: ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!!

Reviewed By Ashley Mann
Lucky enough to get my Qatar visa | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

It was at the end of January this year that I decided to travel to Qatar and I luckily found Qatarevisaonline that had managed to get me my visa right on time and without any mistakes. One good thing that I found was that they were in contact all the time which was very impressive. Will use them if I need to go to Qatar again.

Reviewed By Mike Dion
A 5 star worth agency | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

service provided: 5 stars documents needed minimal: 5 stars help given during application: 5 stars Overall 5 stars!

Reviewed By Vikas Sehil
Too Good | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Got a lot of mixed-up reviews on the site and its services but I at the end decided to go with Qatarevisaonline and I can't express how good they are just with words. too good!

Reviewed By Nadia Faisal
Nice experience | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Much appreciated service

Reviewed By Rafaa Riya
No more fraud sites | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Hoped that such sites do exist more than the fraud ones.

Reviewed By Jill Wenn
I could fly right on time | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

I did not apply directly with the embassy but was filing in my application for Qatar visa via Qatarevisaonline and the Qatar visa that I needed was only available through the embassy, they set me up with an interview and processed my visa fast. happy to say that everything went well and good and I could fly on time!

Reviewed By Parniti Kher
Good and collaborative service | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

My application got accepted and I got the visa the service that I experienced was not only good but was also collaborative.

Reviewed By Rishi Nawain
Good work done! | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

Thanks to them for all of the good work done!

Reviewed By Kerry Asnim
Not necessarily a dream | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

They really did teach e the process and that Qatar is not far away and it does not necessarily remain as a dream to travel to Qatar! Very happy with them!

Reviewed By Lee Vinisa
Brilliant service | Date Posted 23/Aug/2020

gave me assurance in the times I needed them the most. applied for my Qatar visa on 26/6/2019 and I got it on 29/06/2019 which is right before the flight I had to catch on 30/06/2019. Really cool!

Reviewed By Lynnie Jack
Good way of treating customers | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

The way that I have seen you people treating the customers is really amazing, had mine booked just yesterday and my Qatar visit is planned to take place within 5 days and I think they will do a great job at delivering it.

Reviewed By Noella Liz
Satisfied with service for my orders | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

I am satisfied with all of the services that I have to so far for all my orders. this includes all the orders such as about 15 or so that I have placed with them. Might go to Qatar more often. Surely waiting for more such good services.

Reviewed By Jack Wendler
A set of professional services to go for | Date Posted 31/Aug/2020

The staff has got a good knowledge about the visas and its process and it is truly visible through the way they were explaining everything in such a very clear way and the professional services were to definitely go for.

Reviewed By Khaleel Saif
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