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fifa world cup qatar 2022 important events history and details

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With the upcoming, well-awaited FIFA world cup Qatar 2022, here are all the things you should keep in mind if you are planning on being in one of the Qatar stadiums for the event occurring every four years.

“The philosophy of FIFA is to expand world soccer space, to spread out the world football space.”

Rightly said by Vladimir Putin, Qatar with its geographically small, yet economically stronghold is bound to give football fanatics an experience they have never experienced before.

Why Qatar for the World Cup?

Qatar is known as the Heart of Gulf. Being a tiny landmass as compared to Russia, which hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Qatar has lived up to its expectations. 

Here is why it is an important event in history for the world to witness FIFA 2022 in Qatar:

  • It is the first Asian country situated on the western side to host FIFA. 

  • It is also the first Middle Eastern country to host the football tournament.

  • Qatar will hold a record of being the smallest country to hold this worldwide tournament. This also proves advantageous: Visitors can easily navigate from one stadium to another with the aid of metros and other traveling mediums.

  • With prized and rewarded Arabian hospitality and services, the viewers and tourists will be taken good care of at all times.

  • Qatar has been preparing for the tournament by constructing eco-friendly yet architecturally massive sporting areas and events. Thus, it is bound to bring up new opportunities for development.

History of Qatar

With a significantly new country to gain independence from its British Protectorate in 1916, Qatar has constantly developed at a tremendous rate. 

The rich history of Qatar makes it a perfect destination for FIFA 2022:

  • Oil reserves discovered in the 1930s proved to be a turning point for Qatar. The expanding revenue came with the spread of trade and networks with other countries for oil.

  • Being dominated by Islam, it still urges democracy with any and all religions of the world.

  • Traditionally, Qatari merchants used to travel in Dhows overseas for pearl trade. Thus, the art of trading is deep-rooted into Qatar’s history and cultures.

  • Today, it is known as the richest country in the world, solely for its trading services.

Economic Strengths

Qatar has been a trusted exporter and trader of oil for many countries worldwide. 

Qatar has managed to build up stadiums specifically for FIFA 2022.

With such great connections, FIFA is bound to help the world come together for reasons more emotional than just economic ties. The economic strength of Qatar helps it to host the FIFA Tournament impeccably:

  • It has always had support from many countries with its oil trading networks and businesses.

  • Growing the IT Sector in the Heart of Gulf has become a great way for Qatar to have many more tourists living in Qatar for work and business.

  • With adequate revenues and a high GDP, Qatar is financially powerful to host a Tournament of football meant to attract tourists from all over the world.

Climatic Conditions

With Qatar’s FIFA World Cup dates being Monday, 21 Nov 2022 to Sunday, 18 Dec 2022, it will be the first world cup of FIFA to be held in winter. Some climatic conditions taken care of in Qatar are:

  • FIFA being held in winters is primarily done in order to avoid the heat of the desert landmass during the summers.

  • Tourism and traveling is popular and sought after during the winter months in Qatar.

  • A pleasant climate will make the stay convenient and a memorable one for the tourists arriving for FIFA in Qatar.

Geographical Advantages

Qatar is geographically a tiny country. Yet it proves advantageous for being the host of the tournament.

  • In the UN’s list of countries ranked by landmasses, Qatar is at the rank of 163, which proves its landmass being a small one.

  • Qatar is geographically located in the center of the world, thus making it easier for everyone around the world to travel without high expenses.

  • Most people of Qatar live in its capital city of Doha, which is situated almost in the center of Qatar. Almost all of the tourist sites are created and historically present in Doha.

  • Qatar is devoid of lakes and rivers. Wadis are prominent sources of water for Qatar. 

Since Qatar is small and is connected together with intricate metro network, it will be easier for tourists to watch two FIFA events occurring on the same day, without fussing over traveling distance and time

Languages of Qatar

Although the national language of Qatar is Arabic, English is widely spoken. If you are worried about any language barriers coming up, Qatar is familiar and well-versed with English:

  • English is used while conducting cross-border affairs in political, geographic and economic matters.

  • It is a language taught in schools right from a young age.

  • Thus, almost every resident of Qatar is familiar with the English Language.

Final Words

Qatar no doubt has become a discussion when it comes to FIFA 2022. It will definitely create a benchmark for FIFA in the upcoming year of 2026.

Qatar, with its breath-taking pioneers in the field of architecture, economy, and culture, will provide the best hospitality there has ever been in such a tournament:

  • FIFA 2022 is being held in the winter months, making it a perfect time for the visitors to also experience the traditions and cultures of Qatar and Arabian lands.

  • With massive and technology-driven stadiums created for the sole purpose of the tournament, the matches held in these lands will be remembered throughout the years of the FIFA World Cup to come.

  • Geographically a small country, it will be convenient for tourists to travel through metros and buses to reach out to many stadiums for matches being held on the same day.

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