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how to apply for a smart id e gate pass at qatar airport

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As one of the busiest and biggest airports in the Gulf are trying to keep up with the overwhelming amount of passengers arriving and departing each day, installation and facilitation of E-Gates has become the latest, conceded solution.

Passengers, especially Expatriates, can easily access the E-gates using their valid Smart-IDs, ensuring fast entry and exit at Hamad International Airport, Qatar.

Whereas, earlier, all passengers had to wait in long queues to get verifications and stamps on their passports.  E-Gates and Smart-IDs not only save time but also help in saving pages on the passports.

According to The Peninsula: 70% of passengers use E-Gate facility while travelling through Hamad International Airport.



E-Gates are actually advanced, automated KIOSKs that are open for self-service.

These Electronic Gates automate the Verification process of the passengers, with the help of Identification Cards called Smart-IDs. Passengers can access the KIOSK themselves and after punching the ID cards, they need to either scan their thumb or the iris for completing the process.

Through this process, the passengers can easily enter and exit the Airport without waiting for the officials to verify them manually.



Smart-IDs, are simple Microchip Enabled ID cards, similar to a general Driver’s License.

Valid Smart-IDs can be used at the E-Gates of the Hamad International Airport by passengers in order to access the E-Gate facility which is an Automated Verification System for quick Arrival and Departure of passengers.

Eligibility for Smart-IDs

 According to Hamad International Airport, currently, the people whole are eligible for Smart-IDs must belong to the following categories:

1. Qatari Nationals.

2. Expatriate Residents in Qatar.

3. Citizens of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.


However, according to The Peninsula, one of the senior officials at the Ministry of Interior’s Airport Passport Department, has reportedly said that the target was to pass 100% of passengers through the E-Gates rather than just 70%.

Moreover, the newspaper also added, that according to Captain Abdullah Mohammed Al Jasmi, Head of Administrative Affairs of Airport Passports Department:

1. There will be an increase in the number of E-Gates by some margin and they are expected to serve everyone. Visitors will also be able to use the E-Gates, in the future.

2. Introduction of “Family Registration Program” after which children under 18 years of age may also be able to use E-Gates.

3. Proper help and services will be provided for people with special needs, the sick and the elderly. So that such people will also be able to use the facility.

Office to apply for Smart-IDs

   According to Hamad International Airport, the office where people can apply for the Smart-IDs is at:

1. Ministry of Interior office in Al Gharafa (Doha).

Documents required and process, to apply for Smart-IDs

1.  Passport.

2. Residency ID card.



1. Visit the office of Ministry of Interior.

2. Picture and Fingerprint Registration.

3. Payment.

4. Wait for the Activation.



1) 1 Year of E-Gate Service- QR100

2) 2 Year of E-Gate Service- QR150

3) 3 Year of E-Gate Service- QR200


Prospect: The future of HIA.

Having a Smart-ID card is a must to access the E-Gate facility. So, it is a good idea to enrol yourself for the card, because having this card will allow the passengers to easily go in and out of the Airport with just the card and some fingerprint scans. 

Although, currently this facility is not available for each and every passenger.

As children below the age of 18 are not allowed to use the service. Passengers who are not regular travellers such as new visitors and tourists cannot opt for this service, yet.

 But, with the upcoming plans and continued efforts of the Qatar government and the Hamad International Airport, it seems that soon each and every passenger is going to get Smart-IDs and will be able to access the E-Gate facility which is now available to only a few, and seems a privilege.

There is already a discussion going on about how to deal with, sick and the elderly, and people who need special care during their engagement with the E-Gates.

Special personnel will be appointed for helping people engage with the facility and to monitor any the overall use of the facility. 

The authorities are already making plans for installing more gates so as to move more traffic through the electronic facility. As reported, the plan is to transfer 100% traffic towards the E-Gates in order to ease the movement of people in and out of the airport.

With the introduction of “Family Registration Program” young children may also be able to use the facility with ease. 

These steps would be of great value as this will enhance the automation of the overall functioning of the Airport. With the advancement of technology, automation is playing the most important role in each and every field and Fully Automated airport facility is what Hamad International Airport is trying to achieve. 

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