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With the aid of technology, anybody can travel to Qatar easily. Receiving your Qatar visa online has become easier than ever. With various platforms and important instructions provided in simple terms, you can be ready to receive your visa with the guidelines given below:


With the upcoming guidelines, any citizen can adhere to the procedures and submit the correct form of documents to receive their Qatar Visa, online:

  • Steps to Apply for a Qatar Visa Online.

  • Portals to use to apply online

  • Documents and papers necessary (plus how to scan them correctly)

  • Frequent Queries of travelers, Answered.

Steps to Apply for a Qatar visa online

Step 1: Ensure that you have a confirmed ticket for arriving in Qatar and Returning back to your country. You will be required to provide scans for the same as proof later on.

Step 2: Visit any online platform providing a Qatar Visa respective to your country. Qatar e-visa online is a widely used platform by many travelers to visit Qatar. It takes only 3 days to process and provide your visa in your inbox itself. If you do have confirmed tickets, you can go through Qatar e-visa online and book your visa to Qatar right now!

Step 3: Go through all of the documents which are required to be submitted on the portal. Go through the details of each and maintain a scan of each document mentioned.

Step 4: Submit all the documents along with your preferred method of fee transaction. Qatar e-visa online accepts all convenient ways of payment method: PayPal, MasterCard, bank transfers etc.

Step 5: You will receive your e-visa in your registered email id once all the processes are completed and approved.

Documents Required for Online Application of Qatar

The following guidelines mention the correct way to scan all your details and papers in order to get it approved for your Qatar visa at the first go:

Confirmed to and From Tickets

  • You must have a scan of both the sides of your tickets.

  • Note that the scans should be submitted of each candidate’s ticket who is traveling with you (family members and parents)

  • If the flight tickets are provided as a PDF, the same can be attached instead of a scan as well.

Qatar Visa Application Form

  • Note that this form can be printed, filled, and then scanned OR the information can be directly typed once you download the form.

  • Make sure that all the details you fill here are complete and match with all your other documents.

If you are filling the document by typing in your device directly:

Make sure that the scan of your signature is 

  • Clear, colored 

  • Preferably without any background.

The photograph to be given must be:

A clear scan of your passport-sized photograph

  • It must not have any extra border/space.

  • It must be without any shine/glare 

  • Must be clicked in a studio, preferably on a clear background.


  • Make sure that the scan of your passport is a clear, blur-free, and colored scan.

  • What to scan:

  • first page (cover)

  • bio page 

  • And the last page of your passport.

  • The scan of the bio-page must mention all your general details along with the signature.

  • Ensure that signature in your passport matches to your online application form.


  • The scan must be taken of a photograph that is passport sized.

  • Ensure that:

  • The scan is clear, clean, and glare-free.

  • The photo must be studio clicked.

  • The photograph must have a solid background (without any patterns)

  • The scan must NOT have any extra borders around the photograph.

Key Points to Consider

  • Anyone can apply Online for a Qatar visa. The most applied ones are Qatar Tourist and Qatar Visit visa.

  • You can choose which type of Qatar visa you should apply for depending upon your purpose of visit. For example, you must opt for a Business Visa if you will be working gin Qatar. Working or earning/investing in any circumstances is not allowed with any other Qatar Visa.

  • If you are applying for a minor, the proof of parents’ passport and details is also required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a Qatar ETA and a Qatar Online visa?




Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a way for travelers to book their visas online. 

A Qatar e-visa is a service through which travelers can book AND receive their visas online.

The traveler will have to get their visa-on-arrival to Qatar.

Candidates receive their visa in their inbox as a soft copy itself, which can then be printed later on.

An ETA for Qatar has a validity period of 30 days.

Qatar e-visa validity depends upon the type of visa the candidate has applied for.

An extension is available for a period of 30 days more.

The extension period depends upon the type of visa the candidate has applied for.


Q. How can I track my Qatar visa online?

A. One can easily check their e-visa approval status online by providing their basic information on the portal they have submitted their documents to. The details asked are usually application id and passport number.

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