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permanent residency in qatar steps to apply and eligibility criteria

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Wanting to settle in Qatar? Then a Qatar Permanent Residency is helpful for you to avail of all the basic necessities. If you do not belong in Qatar by birth, this is an official way to reside in a country for a lifetime, that too under your own residency.

What is a permanent residency?

As the name suggests, a Permanent Residency is a proof wherein a person can own a residency or land under their name in a country they are not born in.

  • A Permanent Residency is of a permanent namesake. Once you have a residency under your name, it will be with you for a lifetime.

  • A Permanent Residency is beneficial for people wanting to settle in a foreign country and avail of its medical, educational, and other government facilities.

Why you should apply for a permanent residency?

Having a residency on your own name can be beneficial in many ways, specifically if you visit Qatar frequently, or are planning to settle in Qatar:

  • You are eligible to stay out of Qatar for a maximum period of 60 days even after having a permanent residency.

  • Healthcare schemes, education, and other amenities will be provided to the family of the residence holder. It will be free of cost wherever the scheme mentions it.

  • Once you have a permanent residency, you can start working under corporate firms and plan out businesses as an entrepreneur. It will not be mandatory for you to be connected to any Qatari organization for the same.

  • Although this benefit was reserved for Qatari Nationals only, the person who holds the residency will also be eligible to invest in various sectors, including real estate. 

Rules and guidelines to obtain a permanent residency in Qatar

The Government of Qatar has created a set of rules and regulations under its eligibility criteria. If you fall under these guidelines, then you are eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency:

Who is eligible to apply?

The eligibility criterion for a permanent residency in Qatar does have many levels. Be sure to fall under all these categories before applying for one:

Age and General Eligibility


Males/Working Class

  • People wanting to settle in Qatar for business purposes can apply.


  • Children (i.e. below 18 years) who will be arriving to Qatar for education purposes can obtain a residency. 

  • The maximum age for this group is 25. After 25 years of age, one can obtain a Permanent Residency only for business purposes.


  • Spouses and females are also eligible for applying for a permanent residency

Time Period

The candidate under whose name the residency will be must meet the staying time period criteria. 

Time Period for People born outside of Qatar

  • The candidate must have resided in Qatar for a minimum period of 20 years.

  • Please note that these must be 20 consecutive years.

Time Period for Residents of Qatar

  • The minimum time period of stay must be 10 years for a person who is born in Qatar.


  • The candidate must be fluent in the Arabian languages and its dialects.

  • If the candidate is fluent in English, it is beneficial too.

  • Proof of language proficiency can be course certificates.


  • The applicant must have a proof stating that s/he will be able to financially support their family and themselves as well.

  • Children coming to Qatar for educational purposes will also need to show proof of their parents supporting them financially.

Criminal Conduct

  • The candidate must be devoid of any and all criminal conduct.

  • S/he must have good conduct and reputation.

  • Criminal misconduct can only be ignored when it is rehabilitated by the Qatari Law.

When and How to apply?

Currently, the Qatari Government has ordered a total of 100 permanent residencies all over Qatar.

The process of applying is simple and convenient. One needs to submit all their proofs at the immigration Department of Qatar.

How to Apply Online

  • One can also apply online through the official website of the Electronic Services Portal of Qatar.

  • Once all the documents are verified, s/he will receive a text message confirming that all their documents have been validated.

  • A final fee of QAR 3000 is to be submitted by you in order to receive the residency under your designated name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any exceptions/leniency towards specific groups of people?

A. Non Qataris coming under these categories can apply for a Permanent Residency, even if they do not meet the above eligibility criteria:

  • A child who is having a Qatari mother and a non-Qatari father.

  • An overseas husband who has a Qatari Wife.

  • Children having a citizenship of Qatar

  • If you have accomplished any exceptional service for Qatar.

  • Individuals who are differently-abled yet able to live up the working life.

Q. How will my family be able to live if I have a PR?

A. If you are coming with your family can also go for a permanent visa for wife and children. Know more about Qatar Visa Types here. Relatives wanting to come and meet you in Qatar can easily apply for a visit visa as well.

Q. What proof will I get when I apply for a PR?

A. Once all your documents are verified, you will be given a PR Card mentioning all the details you have previously submitted to the government of Qatar.

Q. Can I go back to my country after receiving the PR Card?

A. Yes, however, overseas travel is limited to a maximum period of 60 days. Note that these travels can be business and/or leisure related.

A Permanent Residency for all

Qatar welcomes everyone in this world to come and enjoy the essence of Arabian living. With Qatar Permanent Residency anyone can be a part of Qatar and enjoy their life in the Heart of Gulf.

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