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places you must not miss in qatar

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Planning to visit the independent Arab Emirate but confused from where to start? Qatar land is situated along the Persian Gulf and is known for its oil reserves and giant skyscrapers. 

What one forgets in the seemingly endless rich outlook of the country are the humanitarian beliefs the people of this land has: Determination, collaborative efforts and always ready to give a helping hand are the values which brought Qatar to being amongst the richest countries of the world. 

Understand the emotions behind the enchanting places Qatar has to offer.


Here are the places you must put in your checklist while your visit to Qatar


Doha Corniche 

Spanning up to 7kms of the walkway, the Doha Corniche is a tourist-friendly site in Qatar. Having many landmarks built along the cornice, one can walk peacefully along the promenade, soaking in the majesty of the skyscrapers around. Situated at the waterfront, it is not only a famous tourist attraction but also a leisure and adventure sports activities centre as well. 

The Corniche is also an important place for its residents as well. Qataris celebrate Qatar National Day and Qatar Sports Day each year along this promenade. 


Katara Mosque (Katara Cultural Village) 

The Katara Cultural Village is a magnificent venture to showcase art, culture and architecture intermingled with human beliefs, values and emotions. This cultural site includes recreations for each and every tourist. Ranging from beaches to monuments and museums, to even religious place, the Katara Village is a sight meant to be seen for one full day of your vacation to Qatar. 

Consisting of an amphitheatre, a multi-purpose cinema and a conference hall, the Katara Cultural Village is used for various functions and gatherings of political, religious and spiritual significance. 

Amongst the most majestic mosques of Qatar, the Katara Mosque or Masjid is situated in the centre of Katara Cultural Village Site in Doha. Flourished with turquoise, blue and purple mosaic art, this is known to be one of the most famous travel spots for people who wish to live the essence of the culture of Qatar. 


Souq Waqif 

Love to travel just because you wish to go through traditional markets? This is the perfect place to visit in Qatar if you call yourself a proud shopaholic, or just love window shopping. Beautified with its lanterns and lamps lit in the evenings, it is a beautiful sight to view for its intricate decorations. 

From Traditional garments, handicrafts and jewellery to street food, local commodities and spices, rest assured to find everything affordable as a souvenir at Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar. 


The Doha Desert 

The soothing sand of the Doha Desert is one of the few places untouched by the concrete jungle created by humans. The sand dunes at the Doha Desert have a pink tinge because of its unique sand, which makes it stand out from other deserts of the world. 

One can find Camel rides easily in the Doha Desert, which is an easy way to enjoy the essence of the Desert completely. Travellers still course through the desert for commercial work at times, showing their faith in the traditions and respect for their values. 

With the Doha Desert, one comes face to face with the beauty in the phrase ‘less is more’. The vast expense of soft sand particles seen up to the horizon, this desert is no less than a spiritual awakening. 


Aspire Park 

Are you a lover of lush greenery? Then Aspire Park is your place to be in Qatar. With a vast expanse of green grass and vegetation, Aspire Park is the largest park of Doha, Qatar. 

By being here, you can have a picnic with your family and friends, with an overview of Aspire Tower at night. Aspire Tower in itself is a great place to visit! This modern hotel standing 300m tall, it is famous for its variety of coffee and beverages. 

With its beautiful fountains, amusement parks and games for children, it is a family-friendly tourist destination. The only Lake in Qatar is situated in Aspire Park across exquisite and common yet beautiful rejuvenating trees. 


Al-Zubarah Fortress 

The yellow shade of the fortress is what makes it in-tune with the desert surrounding it. Amongst the blue skies and no-man’s land, the Al-Zubarah Fortress has a historic significance for Qataris. 

Standing independently, soak in the grace of the Al-Zubarah Fortress. Traditionally used as a military fortress under the reign of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, this fortress was built in Zubarah to serve as a Coast Guard Station. 


Barzan Towers 

Famous for its photography spots, the Barzan Towers are monochromatic architectural successes which prove to be breath-taking, literally: reaching out to the peak is a workout in itself. Yet, it is worth the view one receives at the top. 


Al-Wakra Museum 

Usually visited by tourist and residents after sundown, the Al-Wakra Museum is a sight you might not want to miss. The pure scenic reflection in the water of the building, the Al-Wakra Museum treasures old artefacts, handicrafts and antiques important to its culture and traditions. 

Being aware of the landmarks of any place makes the whole vacation hassle-free and planned, leaving you free-spirited to enjoy the journey. With Qatar, one can expect to be light-minded, and be engrossed in the depth of the culture of the people and their religions. With these monuments, museums and architectural pioneers, one is bound to celebrate Qatar with its true beauty. 

Visiting Qatar is easier than it sounds; it welcomes all cultures and traditions with warm hands. Give your soul rest at these peaceful destinations in Qatar, know when and where to go by booking your trip now with the help of Qatar E Visa Online

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