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Enriched with upcoming jobs, Qatar is a great place to study. Opting for a Qatar Student Visa is the easiest way for you to reach Qatar conveniently. You have won an admission at your best university in Qatar, we bring you the procedures to apply Qatar visa!


What is a Student Visa?

Qatar has the best student-teacher ratio worldwide. Qatar welcomes every student wanting to learn from well-experienced professors in the Heart of Gulf. Students can opt for a Student Visa to arrive in Qatar for their studies.


Who can apply?

Students who have successfully received an admission letter from their respective university or college can apply for a Qatar Student Visa. Please note that before applying, you must go through all the admission requirements and the visa requirements you college requests for.

How to Apply

In order to study in Qatar, one needs to apply for a Student Visa. A residence permit is to be issued later on as well.

A Residence Permit allows you to stay in Qatar until the period of time you will be studying. It is issued by your sponsor. Having a residence permit is necessary as it allows you to opt for further facilities, for example, taking a loan, renting a vehicle etc.

However, one can only apply for a Resident Permit when they have arrived in Qatar. Thus, one needs to apply for a Student Visa first, and then go for a Residence Permit.


Documents Required for Qatar Student Visa

The necessary set of documents required for a student visa have additional papers as compared to other Qatar Visas. It is important to keep a checklist with you to not miss a single document in the rush hour:

Qatar Student Visa Application Form: Must be duly and completely filled.



1. Original and minimum of two Copies.

2. Passport must be validated for 6 months after your education period has ended. (i.e. if you will be studying in Qatar for a year, then your passport must be validated for a period of one year and 6 months.)

3. Make sure you have enough blank pages for visa stamps as well.  



1. Minimum of two passport-sized photographs is required.

2. Must be taken in a professional studio, preferable on a white background.

3. These photos must be not more than 6 months old. A recent passport picture is preferable.


Qatar University’s Admission Letter

An Admission Letter clarifies your purpose of stay and is also proof of our educational qualifications.

1. You must have the original and a copy of your admission letter. 

2. This is given to you by the college you will be studying in


Medical Health Report

A Medical Health Report is necessary to state that you will be in good health throughout your stay in Qatar. It must include:

1. A blood test report mentioning your blood group

2. A chest X-Ray report

3. HIV/AIDS report

Financial Capability Document: This document will state that you are capable of submitting your college fees and would be able to stay in Qatar without any financial concerns. 


How to Apply Online?

One can easily apply for a visa for Qatar through Qatar e-visa Online. Get the details, list of documents required and submitting platform all at one go. Procedures for both GCC and non-GCC Residents are mentioned to clear out any confusion as well.

With Qatar e-visa online, you will receive your visa easily within 72 hours only!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I opt for a different Visa?

Qatar offers several types of Qatar Visa for everyone. Depending upon your purpose of visit, one can apply for a Work Visa, Family Visa, Business visa; Transit Visa etc. Qatar E-Visa Online has a variety of information explaining each visa available.

How do I apply for a Residence Permit?

A Residence Permit is processed by your sponsor for your stay in Qatar. However, few procedures are required to be completed on your end as well. It is best to know about Qatar Residence Permits before opting for a Work, Business or Student Visa.

How long does it take for a Qatar Visa to process? 

Applying on the official website for a visa can take up to six weeks of time for your visa to be made. However, applying through Tourist Visa Online can speed up this process! 

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