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If you wish to visit Qatar in order to experience the traditions and culture in the Heart of Gulf, then Qatar tourist visa is a great choice to go for once you have planned out your whole trip.

Going through the checklist, one will understand everything about Qatar tourist visa:

  • The types of Qatar Tourist Visas

  • Important Features

  • How, when, and where to apply for it?

  • Documents Required

  • Any Additional documents necessary

  • Applying Online

Types of Qatar Tourist Visa

Short Tourist Visa

The Short Tourist Visa for Qatar is validated for up to two weeks. It is perfect for short vacation trips and for visiting Qatar to enjoy its culture and beauty during the holidays.

Long Tourist Visa

Qatar’s Long Tourist Visa has validity for up to 3 months. If you have acquaintances and family members living in Qatar, and you wish to stay with them for a period of time, then this visa will be perfect for the purpose.

Please note that you will not be permitted to work during your period of stay if you avail a tourist visa. Thus, if you are going to work during this 3 month period, it is better to opt for a Business Visa instead of a Tourist Visa. 

Tourist Visa by Services

People wishing to travel to Qatar with a Travel Agency need not worry about the procedures for applying for a visa. Usually, the Agency themselves book a visa for you. Depending upon your duration of stay, your Tourist Visa will be short or a long term visa. It is best to contact your Agency first to know about the procedures you will have to conduct in order to receive a visa.

Important Features of the Qatar Tourist Visa

  • This is a Single-Entry Visa. Once you depart from Qatar, you cannot enter again without applying for another visa. This is irrespective of if your validation period has expired or not.

  • The Tourist Visa has validity for 30 days starting from the day you arrive in Qatar.

  • You are not allowed to work under any circumstances if you have this visa.

  • A QAR200 fine is to be paid for every extra day you stay in Qatar after the validation period has expired.

  • All children including infants need to have their own visas.

  • Children must have their own passport in order to avail of this visa. 

Eligibility Criteria

Please note that a Tourist Visa can be availed by anyone wanting to visit Qatar. However, Qatar does have easier options for citizens for selected countries as well:
People belonging to GCC Countries are able to arrive in Qatar and travel freely, visa-free. Please go through ‘Visa for GCC Residents’ in order to know all the details for the same. About 80 countries have the eligibility to let their citizens travel freely in Qatar and avail a visa-free entry as well. The duration of stay is dependent on a country to country. Available online as well as offline, this is a hassle-free way to travel to Qatar, provided you belong to one of these 80 countries.

How and Where to Apply?

If you wish to visit Qatar as a tourist, then you can apply for a visa online or offline. Application and processing can be done through the official Qatar Government website or through third party agencies as well.

For example: If you are going as a tourist to Qatar through a travel agency, then the travel agency will be responsible for generating your visa.

Documents Required For Apply Qatar Visa


  • Keep an original and a copy of your passport

  • The passport must have at least a 6 month validation period from the date of your arrival in Qatar.

  • If you are going to stay with your relatives (in case of a long term Tourist Visa), then residence proof is mandatory.

Credit Card Balance

  • You must have a sufficient amount of money with you before entering Qatar in order to enjoy it at its fullest.

  • Tourists must have QAR 5000 or more with them.

  • You can enter Qatar with your own currency. However, the amount of money you have must be equivalent to QAR 5000.

  • This money can be in the form of a credit card or any other form of plastic money.

  • Proof of adequate balance and its statements is also necessary.

Additional Documents

Some additional yet optional documents can speed up the process of your application. The same will help you to receive your visa quickly and efficiently:

Investment Records

  • You can provide any document stating your investment records. 

  • The minimum amount of investment done must be USD $8,000.

Income Records

If you have an annual income of a minimum of USD $8000, then income tax papers can be shown for the same as a proof. 

Past Travel History

  • If you have traveled to any of the following countries, you can submit documents (receipts, transactions in the country) proving your stay in a foreign land.

  • The countries included in this list are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Schengen countries the UK, USA, and Qatar.

How to apply Online Qatar Tourist Visa?

If you are applying by yourself, then Tourist Visa Online offers convenient and quick services in processing your visa. You can receive your visa at the comfort of your own home. Just visit Tourist Visa Online, submit all the necessary documents, and pay with your preferred mode of transaction. You will receive your visa as a soft copy in your registered e-mail id within a span of 72 hours!

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