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Before Starting Qatar transit visa, let me tell you something about Qatar. Qatar is a wonderful destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. Located on the Qatar Peninsula in the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders on Saudi Arabia in the south, is washed by the Persian Gulf on all other sides (due to the presence in the past of the disputed territory between Saudi Arabia and the UAE is depicted on many maps of Qatar bordering also the UAE). It has a maritime border with the islands of Bahrain in the northwest, and a maritime border with the UAE in the southeast. The capital is the city of Doha. 


Qatar Transit visa 

Travellers have to take a pre-approved Qatar transit visa, which is a single-entry Qatar visa valid for a maximum period of 96 hours only. Travellers can enter Qatar with the approved visa must be within 30 days from the date of issuance. All other expenses including travel cost, hotel cost etc in Qatar, would be borne by the travellers. 

If a tourist has a planned transfer in Qatar, then a Qatar transit visa will be required. To do this, you need a passport and tickets to a third country. In the case when there is time before the next flight, a tourist can go out into the city and get acquainted with the Qatari capital. However, travellers can apply Qatar transit visa in advance through Qatar e visa online

Qatar government has announced, Travellers who transit through Qatar, a visa is not required. A citizen must have tickets to his final destination, and he must not leave the airport. 


How to get a Transit visa to Qatar? 

After the introduction of a visa-free regime, a transit visa to Qatar is free for 80 countries. On it, you can spend 5 to 48 hours in Qatar. This time is enough to get acquainted with local attractions and even take a short tour. From Doha Airport, 

you can exit into the city while you are waiting for connections or boarding for the next flight. 

To obtain a transit visa to Qatar, you need to provide a passport and tickets to a third country. Also at the border, they can check for the visa of the state to which you are going. 


Steps  to apply for Qatar visa:  

Step1:   First you have to choose the Living and Citizenship Country from the Drop Down List.

Step2:   After choosing the country, Select the Type of Visa.  Now you have to fill the required fields(application form ) with the necessary information and also upload all the mandatory documents otherwise your visa may get rejected. 

Step3:   when you complete the application form, now you have to do payment for your applied visa through the payment gateway via credit/debit card.

Step4:  After the completion of payment, you will get your visa via mail when it gets approved. 

Once you applied for your Visa You can Track Qatar Visa Status Online.


Transplant in Doha 

If a tourist needs to be in Qatar for more than 5 hours, then he has the right to obtain a Qatar transit visa at Doha airport. At the airport, the traveller is issued an entry document for 96 hours. (Note- If you are planning to apply for Qatar transit visa, We recommend you to Apply For Qatar transit visa online in advance, Because sometimes your Qatar transit visa rejected by immigration officers). However, you can easily get your transit visa through Qatar e visa online. 

In the event of a forced transit through Doha, as well as when the transfer happens through no fault of the passenger, Qatar Airways provides a hotel room, organizes meals and transfers. 


Qatar transit visa for indian citizens 

The new Qatar transit visa for indian citizens permits free entry of 5 to 96 hours. All transiting passengers of Qatar Airways flights from routes through Doha can apply for it, regardless of their nationalities. 


Visa upon arrival 

To apply for a Qatar visa upon arrival, the following documents are required: 

● A passport valid for at least six months at the time of entry into the country; 

● Return ticket or a ticket to a third country; 

● Confirmation of hotel reservation for the entire stay; 

● Confirmation of the availability of funds (at least $ 1,500) on a credit card; 

The validity of the visa is 1 month. 



Question - Does the new transit visa offer travellers up to 96 hours to explore Qatar? 

Answer - Yes, Qatar tourism authority decided to give a free Qatar transit visa granting them to explore Qatar up to 96 hours ( Note- If you are planning to apply for Qatar transit visa, We recommend you to Apply For Qatar transit visa online in advance, Because sometimes your Qatar transit visa rejected by immigration officers) 


Question - Countries who can stay in Qatar without a visa? 

Answer - Citizen of 47 countries, who can stay for a span of 30 days without a Qatar visa and Citizen of 33 countries, who can stay for a span of 90 days without a Qatar visa. 


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