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We all dream of the perfect holiday and wish to eliminate any and all possible problems that might occur during our overseas vacation. This one guide will help you in managing all aspects of traveling to Qatar:

  • What to do before you travel: booking of visa, hotels and more
  • What to ensure while you are staying in Qatar
  • Guide to dressing and respecting the Qatari culture
  • Where to find good sightseeing places and food

Before you Travel: Ensure Visas, Bookings, etc.


Qatar Visa

  • A Qatar visa can be booked online as well as offline. It does require a set of documents as a photocopy or a scan. 
  • With Qatar e-visa online, your visa booking is made easier than ever. Receive your visa within 72 hours by submitting your documents online!
  • Know more about the different Qatar visa types here. Worried which documents you will have to submit for a Qatar Visa? Get your Qatar Visa requirements here.

Staying in Qatar


Cuisines of Qatar

Qatar, bring in the middle of the world, is influenced by every cuisine of the globe. This Middle Eastern country is rich when it comes to flavoring and spices.

Main courses: Curries can be commonly found in the Heart of Gulf, along with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Biryanis. This provides a great fulfilling meal on its own and is a widely liked main dish in Qatar.

Cafes and drinks: A Turkish Coffee called Garhwa is a great option for coffee lovers as well. Various fruit juices made freshly are also a treat for tourists adjusting to the weather. This coffee is also served in functions in tiny cups as a form of welcoming gesture. Usually, if the guests are seated in a specific order, the coffee is served to the eldest first. European and Arabian cuisine is a great mix found at Ramada or Marriot spread all across the lands of Qatar.

Values and Rules to Adhere to

Qatar being an Islamic country is full of traditions and cultural values, which is equally followed by all residents of the Middle Eastern land. 

Prohibited Items

Ensure that bringing alcohol, pork items of any kind, abusive drugs, and other religious books are strictly prohibited. Do not harm anyone’s sentiments, especially in the month of Ramadan hen prayers are a common sight.

Ramadan Season

Ramadan is a time when even non-Muslims are expected to fast. Many high-end restaurants cater to non-Muslims during this time. However, it is best to get a booking of the same before you arrive in Qatar. Qatar as a nation wishes you a great vacation with the splendid architecture including its rich heritage, thus following the guidelines and basic regulations is a must in order to joyfully see the presents it has to offer.

To summarise guidelines for tradition:

  • All your belongings (suitcases, bags, purses, and clothing) will be scanned as soon as you arrive in Qatar before you leave the Qatari airport.
  • Qatar allows its travelers to bring in a limited amount of perfume and scented candles as well, and that is duty-free.
  • However, if any traveler is caught with the above said prohibited items, then the penalty will be imprisonment on an immediate basis.
  • Ensure that you drink only in specific areas (like hotels and pubs, where the restaurant has the license to distribute alcohol). Any being found drinking in a prohibited area will be fined.

Guidelines for maintaining modesty

Qatar is proud of its rich and living culture and expects each foreigner to adhere to the rules of the land. Know that intimacy of any sort in public areas is prohibited, along with homosexuality. It is allowed for anyone to cross their legs, however, do know that your feet or sole do not show. It is considered immodest to point your feet at someone in Qatar.

Dressing Guidelines for Women

  • Ensure that your arms and legs are covered by your clothing. 
  • Many Qatari women follow this cultural tradition and are proud to so.
  • Veiling yourself over the head is an option.
  • Thus, it is completely up to the tourist woman if she wishes to veil herself over the head or not.

Care with Children and Women

Bringing Children to Qatar

  • Qatar requires a document stating your relation with your child. Thus do have a birth certificate of the child at all times with you.
  • This specific information is checked before you arrive in Qatar as well as when you are leaving Qatar.

Traveling with Women

While enjoying the nightlife in Qatar, it is best to travel in a taxi. Bus services close down in the evening and without a taxi, it can get hectic to walk from one place to another. These taxi services can be booked beforehand from any online source. Sometimes, your Qatari hotel may offer you a service for your stay as well.

General Points to ensure a safe Travel and Stay

  • Keep all the documents as a copy while you travel to Qatar. You may be asked to present it whenever asked.
  • Keep copies of your passport photographs, preferably of the ones mentioned in your passport and visa application.
  • Do have various sources from where you can obtain money in Qatar. ATMs, credit cards, and some cash will be helpful.
  • Do not carry excessive liquids of any sort while you fly to Qatar. These can be confiscated after being deemed as suspicious prohibited products.

Keeping in mind all the precautionary measures, no vacation can go wrong. Enjoy everything Qatar has to offer in its own two shoes. By following their traditions one can experience the full traditions and lifestyles of Qataris.

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