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Flying to Qatar for the first time? If you belong to one of the countries of the GCC, then the set of procedures you must follow to enter Qatar will be different from the rest of the world.

Qatar is open to people from all over the globe, however, it does hold a special place for its nearby Gulf neighbours as well. Establishment of the Gulf Cooperation Council has made it easier to travel to and fro from these countries.

With the following briefing about GCC and how you can apply for a Qatar Visa, it will be crystal clear about:

1. What is GCC?

2. Is my Country included in GCC?

3. What are the Visa Types for GCC Countries?

4. What are the documents required if I apply?


What is GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)?

GCC or better known as the Gulf Cooperation Council is an alliance of six countries belonging to the Gulf regions, mostly sharing borders with each other. 

Gulf Cooperation Council was created in order to maintain unity amongst neighbouring countries of the Gulf. This also strengthened their bond with each other. The intermingling of cultural and political values, it became even easier for these countries to pull each other up to greater heights.


Which Countries are Included in the GCC?

The Six countries included in the Gulf Cooperation Council are all Middle Eastern countries:

1. Saudi Arabia

2. Kuwait

3. The United Arab Emirates

4. Qatar

5. Bahrain

6. Oman

However, one needs to meet the requisites once arriving in Qatar: One can apply for a particular Visit Visa for GCC Residents OR opt for a Single-Entry Visa. Both of these visas are available on Arrival basis.


Types of Qatar Visas for GCC Residents


Visit Visa for GCC Residents

If you belong to a country included in the GCC, then you are eligible to apply for a Visit Visa for GCC Residents in order to visit Qatar. However, the person applying for the visa must be occupied with profession approved by the Visa Policies of Qatar and must hold a residence permit where s/he is going to stay.

Single-Entry Visa

This easily available and approved Single-Entry Visa for Qatar is available on Arrival basis. Holding validity for 30 days only, this Visa Type for Qatar can be renewed for a maximum of three months of stay in Qatar. 

Wanting to visit Qatar for a family vacation by being a GCC Resident? Then the Single-Entry Visa is perfect to apply for. Qatar is a never-ending adventure, a perfect balance of colossal architecture and peaceful paradises with its religion and culture. It is best to know what Places you should Visit in Qatar in order to have the full essence of the journey. 


Documents Required to Apply for a Qatar Visa as a GCC Resident

The documents one must provide being a GCC Resident is quite different as compared to documents a resident from another country might require. Important Points to keep in mind while applying for a Visit Visa for GCC Residents AND Single-Entry Visa:

1. The applicant must be under a profession approved by Qatar Visa policies.

2. It is mandatory to submit a proof of residence while staying gin Qatar.

3. Applicant’s passport must have a validity of six months.

4. The applicant must provide proof of a return ticket.

5. The Visit Visa has validity for one month

6. The visa can be extended for a maximum duration of 3 months only.

Not a resident of a GCC country? That is taken care of by Qatar’s different types of Visa available for every tourist out there. Depending upon your purpose of visit to Qatar, you can easily figure out which Type of Qatar Visa you should apply for!


Can I Apply Online?

Yes! Applying for any kind of Visa for Qatar has its own, easy, convenient procedures online. Applying for a Visa perfect for you is as easy as three simple steps:

Go to Qatar E Visa Online

STEP 1: Fill in the Visa Application Form, mentioning your Citizenship and the country you wish to visit.

STEP 2: Submit the documents required for your Visa to be processed. The documents can be submitted online via mail at

STEP 3: Pay online through a wide range of payment methods. Choose the one convenient to you out of PayPal, Credit/Debit card or direct bank transfer.

STEP 4: Receive your Visa within 48-72 hours in your mail-id.


Receive your visa by applying form the comfort of your own home to enjoy a hassle-free vacation with your family, or save yourself time for the presentation you need to make for a great job venture. Apply Qatar Visa at Qatar E Visa Online and be ready to say hello to the new exciting foreign lands!

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