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It is convenient to obtain a Qatar Visa for UK Nationals. People of the United Kingdom travel to Qatar to experience its Middle-Eastern culture and traditions. However, many also travel in order to complete their education and settle in their work life.

UK and Qatar Relations

UK and Qatar have had friendly relations since the beginning, thus nationals of the United Kingdom do have a variety of Qatar Visas to choose from, depending on their duration of stay in Qatar or their purpose of visit.

Qatar Visas available for UK Citizens


Visa on arrival for 90 days

With the visa waiver facility provided by the Qatari government, citizens of the UK do not require a visa beforehand in order to arrive in Qatar. Instead, a UK Citizen can very well opt for a visa-on-arrival, which will be applicable for a 90 day period.

Tourist Visa

A Qatar Tourist Visa is opted by a majority of travelers worldwide. If you wish to travel to Qatar solely for a vacation, or maybe meeting your family living there, then opting for a tourist visa will give you ease in the application process. Qatar Tourist Visa is something opted by almost every Qatar visitor because of its simple set of documents and procedures.

Business Visa

As the name suggests, a Qatar Business visa is for those UK Nationals who will be visiting Qatar for finance-related work. If you will be working under a Qatari company, then opting for a Qatari Business visa is a must.

Qatar offers many different Types of Qatar Visas to apply from. With each defining its own purpose of visit, Qatar makes it easier for anyone to choose the perfect visa from them.

Documents Necessary

Passport: Your passport is the first document that will be seen for the application process. Ensure that your passport is validated for six months beforehand. This validation period is counted from the date of the journey to Qatar. While scanning; submit a scan of your bio page and the cover.

Financial Statements: Qatari Government wants to ensure that you will have enough money to spend while you stay in Qatar. You must have a minimum of QAR5000 before you arrive in Qatar. This money can be in the form of cash or ATM and plastic money as well. In order to submit this as proof, you will have to submit copies of bank statements from the past three months.

Proof of Residency: As a traveler, you need to show where you will be staying in Qatar. Residency places can be out of the following copies:

Transactions done for hotel bookings must be shown. Address of your relatives’ house and proof that the house belongs to your relatives (electricity bills, rent papers, etc.) is a proof considered as well.

Q. I am a resident living in the UK. What are the additional documents which will be required for me?

For anyone living in the UK as a resident and was born in another country, they need to submit passport-sized photographs along with a residence permit for the UK.

Photographs: Two passport-sized photographs will be necessarily submitted along with your other documents. Ensure that these photographs are:

  • Recently taken
  • Are studio clicked
  • Are colored
  • Preferably take on a plain and simple background.
  • If scanned, then no extra background must be present in the image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any items prohibited to bring from the UK to Qatar?

Qatar does have a guideline on what travelers can bring to Qatar. Items like alcohol, drugs, and narcotics are strictly prohibited. Know more what Qatar Vacation Guidelines here.

Q. How can a person from the UK apply for a Qatar Visa?

  • One can apply easily for a Qatar visa online. Although the offline method demands for traveling to a Qatari Embassy in the UK, it becomes tedious. 
  • With Qatar e-visa online, all one has to do is submit their documents by scanning and emailing them. You will receive your visa within just 72 hours.

Q. What are the features of a Qatar Tourist Visa?

  • A Tourist Visa has a validity period ranging from 2 weeks to three months (these are long and short tourists’ visas)
  • It is a single-entry visa, thus you cannot leave the country and expect to arrive again though the same visa.
  • Please note that working or earning during your stay in Qatar while on a tourist visa is prohibited and is a punishable offense under the visa policies of Qatar. 

Q. Is there any additional documentation required for a Qatar Business Visa?

Yes. A letter of acceptance is a mandatory document that is required under a Business Visa for Qatar.

Letter of Acceptance (Business Visa only): This is a Letter of acceptance (also called an offer letter) which is provided by your employer to you. An offer letter must state: 

  • your position of work, 
  • the salary you will be receiving 
  • And your tentative duration of work.

If you will be going through a business visa and your employer is providing you a house, then the papers stating the same is to be submitted.

Q. How is a Qatar visa-on-arrival beneficial for a UK Citizen?

  • A Visa-on-arrival allows the traveler to arrive in Qatar visa-free.
  • For nationals of the United Kingdom, it is validated for up to a period of 90 days.
  • Extension of this stay legally is available for a maximum of 90 days more from the date of the expiration of the stay.

Q. I wish to avail of the Qatar Visa-on-arrival as a UK Citizen. What are the documents I will need for the same?

The general set of documents required for Qatar visa-on-arrival is the same as any other visa. The only difference is that the candidate obtains his/her visa after arriving in Qatar. 

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