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Qatar Visa for US nationals has become easier and convenient with Qatar’s new Visa-on-arrival and online visa policies. A US citizen as well as a resident can quickly apply for a Qatar visa through their own homes with the online way of applying for a Visa. With the USA being a hub of tourism and development, it does have strong relations with countries all over the world.

Going to Qatar may have framed many queries in your mind such as:

  1. How long will I be able to stay in Qatar?
  2. What documents will I need to apply?
  3. Which Qatar Visa can I apply for?
  4. How can I visit Qatar with my family and children?


  • Benefits of a Qatar Visa for the US
  • Visas of Qatar available for US Citizens
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Qatar Visa for US Citizens?

For a citizen of the USA to be able to enter and exit Qatar, he or she will require a Qatar Visa. A Qatar visa is a document which states the reason a US citizen is coming to Qatar and is eligible for it. A US citizen is told to show his or her US passport along with this visa document when he arrives in Qatar.

Qatar Visa for people who are citizens of the USA

For an individual who is born in the US, they can avail of the Qatar visa-on-arrival facility in order to fly to Qatar and stay there.

  • A Qatar visa-on-arrival is applicable on a single-entry basis.
  • It is validated for a period of 90 days from your date of arrival from the US to Qatar. 
  • A Qatar visa-on-arrival can be extended by a US citizen for a maximum of 90 days more.
  • The documents in this visa type are shown after you arrive in Qatar. Thus do bring copies of all the documents required at the Qatar airport.

For people who are living with a Green Card in the USA

What is a US Green Card?

For people who live in the USA and were not born there, a green card is issued for them. This allows the particular individual to work along with study and live in the USA for as long as the validation period of the Green Card is mentioned.

Application Process for Green Cardholders

The Qatar Visa application process does not allow green card US Citizens to apply for a visa-on-arrival. However, if their birth country is in the list of the Visa-on-arrival for Qatar, then that particular individual can apply for the same.

For example, India and the USA are included in the Qatar visa-on-arrival list. Thus an Indian born green-card holder of the US can apply for a Visa-on-arrival. Otherwise, the usual application process for a Qatar visa will take place, which is explained in detail below:

Application Process

The application process for a regular Qatar Visa is simple and hassle-free. One can easily apply online within a matter of minutes with Qatar e-visa online.

Steps to take:

STEP 1: Visit Qatar e-visa online and select the country as specified.

  • In the first drop-down options, select your citizenship country, i.e. the USA
  • In the second drop-down menu, select the country you wish to go to, i.e. Qatar, and hit enter.

STEP 2: Choosing the perfect Qatar Visa for you.

  • Once you hit enter, you will be navigated to a list of Qatar visas which will be applicable for your country (US).
  • These will be Visa-on-arrival, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, etc. Choose the visa type you will be comfortable with, keeping in mind the duration and extension period of each Qatar visa.
  • The details of each Qatar visa will be mentioned in the table provided.

STEP 3: Application Form (Filling the right details)

  • It is best to fill this form in capital letters for better accuracy in interpreting later on.
  • This application form will ask your general details: name, age, address, number of people who will be traveling with you, etc.
  • The signature you do here must match to the signature on your passport.
  • The photographs must match in the application form as well as the passport.
  • Do note that this form also has a set of documents that need to be submitted as an attachment to this particular form. Go through the ‘documents required’ section below to know more.

STEP 4: Payment options

  • Once you have uploaded the application form along with the necessary documents asked for the visa to be approved, you can choose your preferred mode of payment.
  • Qatar e-visa online accepts payments ranging from a bank transfer, PayPal, Paytm, etc. Select your transfer option and pay within seconds.

STEP 5: Checking your visa status online

  • Once all of the requisites are completed, you will receive your visa within three business days. However, within this time period, you can check your visa status online on the home page of Qatar e-visa online.
  • You will be asked to enter your application number along with your passport number in order to generate your visa status.
  • With the efficient visa approval process, rest assured and you will receive your Qatar visa in your registered email id inbox as a soft copy. This can be printed out later on.

What Documents will be needed for a Qatar Visa?

Following are the documents which will be required irrespective of if you are a green card holder or a citizen of the USA:


  • A passport of the USA, or your original country.
  • It must have a validity period of 6 months, counting from your date of arrival to Qatar.
  • Scanned copy of the bio page, first page, and last page of your passport.


  • The passport-sized photograph must be studio-clicked on a recent date.
  • Ensure that the requirements of the photographs are met as per given in the Qatar visa application form.

Confirmed Return Tickets

  • You must have a copy of your return flight ticket from Qatar to the USA.
  • This return date must fall under the validity period of the visa.

Hotel Bookings

  • Confirmed hotel bookings must be provided.
  • This must be booked for all the days you will be staying in Qatar.
  • You will have to mention an email address which can be accessible for Qatar e-visa in order to provide you with your visa through the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a green card in the USA? How does it make a difference in my Qatar Visa application process?

  • A Green Card is meant to allow a person to live and work in the USA for as long as he or she wants.
  • This makes him or her a resident of the USA. It is also known as a Permanent Resident Card.
  • The application process for a Qatar visa for a green card holder is not very different.
  • Please note that a green card holder does NOT have the facility of availing the visa-on-arrival policy of Qatar.
  • The rest of the application processes for a Qatar Visa are the same.

Q. Is an online Qatar visa good for a green card holder of the USA?

  • Yes! A US Resident or even a citizen can apply for a Qatar visa online through our portal. The online method is fast, efficient, and saves your time of going to the embassy to get your visa.
  • With Qatar e-visa online, you can easily follow the given steps, submit your documents, pay at your preferred mode of payment, and receive your visa within three days.
  • This eases out your application process. An online method takes not more than 10 to 15 minutes to apply for a Qatar Visa online.

Q. How long can a US Citizen Stay in Qatar?

  • On a visa-on-arrival, a US Citizen (one who is born in the US, NOT a green card holder) can stay in Qatar visa-free for up to 90 days counting from the arrival date of the candidate in Qatar.
  • Extension of a visa on arrival is possible for a maximum of 90 days more, thus if you wish to stay in Qatar for longer, note that the extension procedures must be carried out within the first 90 days of your arrival in Qatar.
  • Working under this visa type is prohibited. If you wish to stay in Qatar for business or work-related purposes, it is better to opt for a Qatar Business Visa instead.

Q. Are there any benefits for US citizens wanting to go to Qatar?

A. Visa on arrival is a great option given by Qatar for all US Citizens holding a US passport. Know more about Qatar’s Visa-on-arrival policies here.

Q. How long will it take if I apply through Qatar e-visa online?

Filling our online applications through Qatar e-visa online only requires a few minutes. The approval period for your visa ranges from one to three days. You will receive your visa through a mail

Q. Is there any Qatari Embassy in the USA?

Yes. You may contact Qatari embassy in the USA through this address and contact numbers:

Embassy of the State of Qatar 

2555 M St, NW 

Washington, DC, 20037 

TEL: +12022741600

Fax: +12022370682

General Inquiries:

Consulate Services:

Press Inquiries: 

Rest assured with Qatar e-visa online to receive your Qatar visa as a US citizen, stress-free.

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