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The Heart of Gulf caters Qatar visa to numerous countries. Qatar Visa is accustomed to people all around the world. Depending on your country’s relations with Qatar, one can find different types of Qatar Visas for their visit to Qatar.


Overview about Qatar Visas

The following information covers everything to know about the different types of Qatar Visas. The Visas elaborated are:

1. Family Visit Visa

2. Transit Visa (TR)

3. Student Visa

4. Employment Visa

5. Business Visa

6. Visa on Arrival

7. Visa-Free Arrival



Accustomed to your need, Qatar Visa offers various types of visas one can apply for to enjoy a safe, secure and hassle-free journey and stay at the Heart of Gulf! Depending on your purpose of visit, its duration and requisites.

one can choose from the following Qatar Visa Types. 


Family Visit Visa

Wanting to visit your family living Qatar for a vacation? One can easily apply for a Family Visit Visa! This is a great option under Qatar Visas as this defines your purpose of visit to Qatar along with the proof of where you would be staying while in Qatar.

Qatar’s Family Visit Visa is applicable for up to a month. However, it allows extension through a simple procedure. If you wish to extend your Family Visit Visa, it is mandatory to undergo a physical examination and seek approval for extension within the first 72 hours of arrival in Qatar.

Important points to note about Extension for Family Visit Visa for Qatar:

1. The extension is provided for a maximum period of 6 months IF the purpose of visit includes immediate family members, i.e. your immediate parents and/or siblings living in Qatar.

2. IF it is your second-degree relatives whom you are visiting, the extension is available for a maximum of two months only.


TR or Transit Visa

A single-entry Qatar Visa, TR or Transit Visa is applicable for 96 hours only. The arrival to Qatar must be within 30 days once a Qatar Transit Visa is issued.


Student Visa

Determined to give your career new heights by gaining knowledge in Qatar? With Student Visa offered by Qatar, one can easily visit, stay and study in their desired Qatar University or college to gain their degree and expertise.

However, to seek approval for Qatar’s Student Visa, one must prove their educational qualification, along with information regarding their stay, the university they will be studying in during the stay and the time period of stay as well.


Employment Visa

Got your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in Qatar? Well, introducing yourself to Qatar with an Employment Visa Is the best way to start your journey. Employment Visas are usually undertaken by your employer and s/he becomes your sponsor for the Employment Visa.

Important Points to keep in mind while applying for an Employment Visa:

1. It is best to choose an Employment Visa (instead of any other Qatar Visa.) For example, you may arrive in Qatar under a Visit Visa, however, your work cannot commence until an Employment Visa is created for you. 

2. The Employment Visa for Qatar is obtained by your employer for you. 

3. In such a case, the Employer becomes your sponsor while you are working in Qatar for the respective organisation.

4. A copy of the Employment Visa must be submitted to your Employer and the original must be presented once you arrive on a Qatari Airport.

5. The Employment Visa is valid for 1 to 5 years.


Business Visa

Depending on your project or purpose of business in Qatar, Business Visas of Qatar are sub-divided into three categories:

1. 72 Hour Business Visa: Valid for a period of just 72 hours, this visa is perfect for short – term projects and business meetings. If you are excited to visit Qatar for a business convention or participating in a lecture, then opting for Qatar’s 72 Hour Visa is perfect. 

2. Business Visa: Valid for a period of three months, Business Visas for Qatar are meant to be on a contract basis.

3. Investor Visa: Wishing to invest in Qatar? The Investor Visa provided by Qatar is available for all those who wish to increase networks and create profitable connections with Qatar


Visa on Arrival

Qatar welcomes visitors, tourists and business people alike by providing a visa-on-arrival entry to Qatar. Through this procedure, you can travel to Qatar without a Visa and instead seek approval and get it created once you land in Qatar!

With Qatar providing Visa on Arrival basis to 80 countries worldwide, one can travel to Qatar easily and swiftly. 


Visa-free arrival

Residents belonging to a particular country are allowed to visit and stay in Qatar visa-free for a scheduled number of days. Wondering how many days you can stay in Qatar visa-free depending on your country? Visa-free arrival is available for the following days:

1. 90-day visa-free arrival

2. 180-day Visa-free arrival


GCC residents 

Residents of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council countries) have the freedom to visit Qatar without issuing any type of Qatar Visa. Therefore, if you are a resident of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, you are free to arrive in Qatar visa-free.

Countries included in the Gulf Cooperation Council:

1. Bahrain

2. Kuwait

3. Oman

4. Saudi Arabia

5. United Arab Emirates


Exit Visas

Usually, all the visitors to Qatar require an exit visa in order to depart from Qatar. These types of Qatar Visas are usually obtained by sponsors themselves. Only people exempted from applying for a Qatar Exit Visa are women and children, who are sponsored by their husbands or father beforehand.

Being aware of all the requisites necessary before going to a foreign country can be a tough task. However, the variety in Qatar Visas available makes it easier for a visitor to apply and collect documents to visit the land rich in Arab culture and traditions, stress-free! Get prepared prior to your journey by booking the applicable Qatar Visa for your journey at Qatar E Visa Online.

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