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Qatar Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) was  implemented by the Government of Qatar in 2017 for tourists purposes. It allows people to apply Qatar visa online, somewhere it brings a big relief in people's lives as people do not have to visit the embassy. This new system allows eligible visitors to apply Qatar ETA online.

ETA is an acronym for Electronic Travel Authorization. ETA System of any country allows tourists and visitors to apply for a visa online.

Features of Qatar ETA      

ETA policies will be different for each country. Qatar has its own set of policies for their ETA:

  • It is a single-entry visa.
  • It allows you to stay for a maximum period of 30 days from the date you arrive in Qatar.
  • It is possible to extend an ETA for a period of 30 days more.
  • A fine of QAR200 is charged for every extra day you will stay in Qatar (after your validation period and the extension period is over.)

Qatar ETA Eligibility Criteria

Anybody wishing to visit Qatar can apply for an ETA. You must have a residence permit in order to apply. The Residence A permit must be of one of the Schengen Countries. Please note that citizens of 80 countries can avail of the Visa-On-Arrival facility provided by the Ministry of External Affairs of Qatar. If you belong to any of these 80 countries, you can arrive in Qatar Visa-free and instead get a visa made after arrival.

Citizens belonging to GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council Countries do not require a visa to arrive in Qatar as well. Know more about the Visa Policies for GCC Residents if you belong to one of these countries and wish to visit Qatar.

Extension of ETA

Extending an ETA for Qatar is possible. Qatar allows an extension for 30 days after your initial validation period. However, an application must be submitted within 30 days of your arrival to Qatar if you want to extend your period of stay.

Documents Required For Qatar ETA

Please note that you have to apply for ETA 90 days (or a minimum of 5 working days) before your travel to Qatar.

Applying online would require you to scan all your documents in order to submit it for an ETA. Please note that the scans must be colored, black and white scans are not accepted:

Application Form

·         Must be duly and correctly filled and complete.

·         The details presented must be reflected in your further documents as well (passports, flight reservations, etc.).

·         If any information does not match then the application will be reverted to you.

Passport Requirements

·         Submit a scan of the ‘bio-page’ of your passport.

·         The passport must be valid for a period of a minimum of 6 months from the date of your arrival in Qatar.

·         Please note that every visitor (including children) must have their own passports for an ETA.

·         Passport must have the name and middle name/surname. Single-named passports will be rejected.


·         Scan of passport-sized photo preferably on a white background.

·         Ensure that the scan is clear and without any shine/glaze of the lamination paper.

Proof of Residence/Accommodation

·         Scan of any transactions made with hotels in Qatar.

·         If you are not going to stay in a hotel, then proof of your residence permit (electricity bills, official land papers) is mandatory.

Confirmed Return Ticket

·         A scan of your confirmed return ticket from Qatar.

·         Please note that the date of your return ticket must be under the validated period of your visa.

Additional Documents

Note that these documents are NOT mandatory, however, providing a scan of any additional documents will boost up the speed of the processing of your ETA:

Travel History

·         Proof of a visa you must have made while visiting any other foreign lands.

·         The countries included in this list are Australia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Schengen Countries, and GCC.

How to Apply Qatar ETA Online?

Opting for an Electronic Travel Authorization is all about doing it online. Applying for an ETA is made easier, simpler and is stress-free: with Tourist Visa Online, receiving your visa is as easy as three simple steps:

·         Mention your nationality and the country you wish to visit.

·         Upload the required set of documents as a scan. This can be done through your own e-mail. Send us your documents at

·         Pay with your preferred mode. Tourist Visa Online accepts Paypal, MasterCard, Credit/Debit Card, and even bank transfer.

You will receive your visa within 3-4 business days only!

Wish to learn more about the different types of Qatar Visas available for your visit? Visit Qatar E-Visa Online to know more about the application, details, and documents required for Qatar Visas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Schengen Countries?

Schengen Countries are a group of 26 European nations that have mutually disarmed all of their borders to maintain unity and thus have a common Visa Policy. Please go through the List of Schengen Countries in order to know whether an ETA applies to you or not.

Which Countries are eligible for visa-on-arrival to Qatar?

Please go through the list of 80 countries that can avail visa-on-arrival the basis for Qatar. Know more about Visa On-Arrival policies for Qatar as well.

How is an ETA different than other online visas?

Applying for an ETA has different eligibility criteria than other online visas. Fee required while applying for both is different as well.

When can I apply for ETA?

A minimum of 90 days before your arrival in Qatar, or a minimum of 5 working days in case of urgency.

With many online visas, one can get confused about which one to apply. Qatar ETA has made it convenient for eligible people to apply online and travel to the Heart of Gulf freely and easily.

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