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  • The city famous for its scenic beauties along with rich culture and traditional performances, Qatar is situated on the Gulf of Persia.
  • With many tourist attractions and landmarks for the world to see, Qatar welcomes each and every tourist from around the world to experience the influences from Arabian, Indian and Persian culture, all in one place.

Connected to the World-Qatar Airways

  • Impeccable and awarded hospitality along with backing the title ‘Best Airlines in the World’, Qatar Airways has been a pleasure for all tourists and residents who have experienced the cultures of Qataris. 
  • With its rapidly increasing network overseas and through the air, visiting Qatar for both business and leisure vacations has become easier than ever. 
  • With the welcoming nature and quality hospitality and service, one might want to figure out the procedures of procuring a Qatar Visa and Qatar Visa requirements. 
  • Although, one can definitely fill up a Qatar Visa Application easily online (check out Qatar E Visa Online) by a few simple procedures, visitors and tourist from more than 80 countries of the world can enter and experience Qatar visa-free with its Visa Waiver Upon Arrival.

What is Qatar Visa On-Arrival?

With Qatar Visa on Arrival, one can enter Qatar visa-free and can receive a Qatar Visa while landing itself! Experience the culture, traditions, and cuisine of Arab in the heart of Gulf with Qatar, hassle-free. Extending the visa-free facility to more than 80 countries in the world, Qatar welcomes visitors, tourists, and business people alike.

Eligibility Criteria for Qatar Visa-On-Arrival

Depending on your nationality, Qatar visa on Arrival has different benchmarks in its eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria for Qatar Visa for Indians will be different from Qatar Visa for any other country. However, a few general guidelines are applicable to all tourists and visitors. Know whether your country is eligible for 30-day validity or for 90-days validity when you receive your Qatar Visa On-Arrival here: (will be mentioning an excel sheet showing all the countries eligible for 30 or 90 days visa validity)

Countries eligible for 30-day Visa on Arrival for Qatar are:

1. India

2. Iran

3. Macau

4. Pakistan

In order to know about the eligibility criteria for Qatar Visa on Arrival specific to your country, visit Qatar E Visa Online to be sure you do not miss any additional documents required!

Documents required for Availing Qatar Visa On-Arrival Basis

Arriving in Qatar and applying for a visa must look like an easy step to take. However, one must be aware of the prerequisites that can be asked by the authorities once you land in Qatar:

1. Check your passport validity. A passport with validity for at least 6 months is mandatory in order to receive your Qatar visa.

2. A confirmed return ticket from Qatar to your home country must be with you compulsorily in order to know about your Qatar Visa status and receive it duly.

3. Credit Card or a Debit Card Criteria: One must have either of these in order to receive a Qatar Visa on arrival. The card must have the tourist’s name and general information as well. This will be used while recording your Qatar visa information for security purposes.

4. With Qatar Visa on arrival, one can stay in Qatar for not more than 30 days. Learn more about Qatar Visa for 30 days if you wish to stay for a month in Qatar.

Challenges for Visa-on-arrival

The option for visa on arrival may sound an easier option at a glance; however, one cannot be sure of the external situations which might cause a problem later on. Some challenges one needs to be wary about while traveling to Qatar by Visa on arrival basis are:

1. Qatar Visa isn’t guaranteed on arrival. One can receive his or her Qatar Visa only when he/she meets up to the requirements and documents mentioned beforehand. 

2. If any document is missing or is found suspicious, then you might not receive your Qatar Visa.

3. The Visa is only validated for 30 days. Thus, people who wish to stay longer must have a visa prior to arriving in Qatar. Get your 30-day and 90-day Qatar Visa now with Qatar E Visa Online.

While traveling abroad, it is better to be precautionary and cover up things and tasks which can be accomplished beforehand. Know more about the Types of Qatar Visa to apply for a Qatar Visa more suitable for your journey.

It is easier to receive a visa prior and enjoy the journey and the vacation at its fullest. With Qatar E Visa Online one can receive his or her Qatar Visa in 3 easy steps and at the most affordable prices possible.

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