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When travelling to Qatar, it is important to check in advance if you need a Qatar visa. It is important here whether you are on a business trip or on vacation because a tourist visa for Qatar has different conditions than a business visa. Below you can check whether you have a visa requirement for Qatar. It is important here whether you cross the border with Qatar once or more; in that case, a double-entry visa to Qatar can be more beneficial, because it is sometimes difficult to renew your visa. A tourist visa is often valid for 30 days to 3 months, but this can differ per country. Actually, there are always three options: either you do not need a visa, or you can buy the visa at the border (visa on arrival at the airport) or you must have already arranged your visa before departure. In that case, you must already show this at check-in. With a visa on arrival, you can also arrange this before departure so that you do not have to queue at the airport. 


How long does Qatar visa process take? 

Generally, If the sponsor of the company has approved that you are eligible for the post and nationality of Qatar, Applicant can get a visa within 2 working days. But If the Company does not get approval for the post you were applying for, then you will have to apply for the Post for a Qatar from the Labor Department, which takes 7 to 28 days, depending on various circumstances. 


Types of Qatar visa 

Basically, There are two types of Qatar visa 

1) Short term Tourist visa (30 days) 

2) Long term Tourist visa (90 days) 

The person, who is working for a Qatari company can apply Qatar visa and get a Business visa to enter Qatar. It’s the responsibility of the company to arrange a business visa for the person to enter Qatar.


Visa Application Process 

To apply for a Qatar visa you must have a valid and confirmed ticketed booking for Qatar. You can apply the application process through You have to click the button “apply Qatar visa” register in just 3 simple step - 

1. Fill up your details(Qatar Visa Application Form) and submit your valid document.  

2. Document verification.

3. Get your visa via mail. 


Document Required for Qatar Visa

1. Photocopy of the first and last page of your passport (scanned colour copy)

2. The passport shall be valid for at least 6 months 

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