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Every visa type has its own documents Requirements and the same for Qatar visa, it also has some documents requirements which everyone has to provide while applying for Qatar visa. You might need a checklist to meet all your Qatar Visa Requirements. We are here to help, the type of Qatar Visas are of many kinds. Most follow a similar set of requirements with a few exceptional papers mandatory. With this Qatar visa requirement guide, you cannot fail in applying and approving your visa right on time. One can easily get perplexed with the many different visa types offered by a country. Having different types of visas is a necessary task to do in order to create ease in the application process of millions of travelers worldwide.

The procedure for submitting Documents

Online Method

An online method for applying for a Qatar Visa is easier and convenient and is thus opted by many travelers. In order to apply online, scanned copies of all the documents required are mandatory, including signatures and photographs. Sites like Qatar e-visa online aid you in the process of applying, by providing you the exact list documents which will be required as a scan in order to approve your visa. With Qatar e-visa online you can easily receive your visa in your inbox at the comfort of your own home.

Offline Method

An offline method is applicable if you are able to visit the Qatar Embassy in your country. In such a circumstance, the candidate must have photocopies and original documents with them. If your visa isn’t approved, the reasons will be mentioned for the same. Rectifying it as soon as possible is necessary in order to generate your visa in due time. However, it is best to cross-check every document before submitting it.

General Documents Required for a Qatar Visa 

Qatar welcomes travelers of all kinds, each having a purpose of its own. Thus, catering to the needs of everyone, the following are the general documents which are required as a scan or as a colored photocopy:


  • The candidate must submit a copy of the following passport pages:
  • A Bio Copy mentioning your signature and photograph.
  • A Copy of front page (cover)
  • Ensure that the signature mentioned in the passport matches the rest of your documents.
  • The passport must have a validity period of at least six months from the date of the candidate’s arrival in Qatar.

Return Tickets

  • Proof of confirmed return tickets from Qatar is mandatory.
  • These can be scanned copies of the ticket and/or photocopies as well.
  • If you are availing a joint visa (for example, Qatar-Oman Joint Visa), then a confirmed ticket to the country you will be going to is to be submitted.
  • If you will be transiting from Qatar, then the same will be given under a Qatar Transit Visa.


  • Passport-sized photographs do have their own set of requirements which are to adhere strictly.
  • The photograph must be studio-clicked recently.
  • If it will be submitted as a scan, then ensure that the photograph does not have any glare or shine on it.
  • The photograph must be on a clear, simple background.

Proof of Residence

A Proof of Residence is a document stating where you would be living during your visit to Qatar.

This can be in the form of

  • Confirmation of hotel bookings.
  • Proof of residence of your relatives living in Qatar, if you will be staying with them.
  • This can be in the form of electricity bills, or rent and ownership papers.

Additional Documents Requirement


Financial Statements

As tourists, the Qatar government does want you to enjoy the Heart of Gulf at its fullest. Thus proof of financial statement is to be shown to prove that you will be able to sustain yourself and your family while you stay in Qatar.

  • For a Tourist Visa, the candidate must have a minimum of QAR5000 while they arrive in Qatar
  • This can be in the form of cash or plastic money
  • While applying for the visa, bank accounts stating your income/salary (which can be shown through bills and transactions) are to be submitted as well.

Letters of Acceptance

If you are going to Qatar to study or for work, then you must apply for a Qatar Student Visa or a Qatar Business Visa. The documents of these require an additional ‘Letter of Acceptance’, which states that:

  • If you are a student, then a copy of your admission letter from any Qatari university or college is to be submitted.
  • If you are going to work in Qatar, then an Offer Letter from a registered Qatari company is a must. Please note that this letter must mention 
  • Your duration of work (if it is on a contractual basis)
  • Your position of work.

Medical Health Report

  • A Medical Health Report stating that you are healthy to travel is necessary for Pakistani Nationals.
  • However, extending a visa also requires you to undergo a medical test, and these can prove helpful in such circumstances.

GCC Residence Card

If you belong to one of the GCC Countries but are living in some other country or other national living in GCC countries, then in order to travel to Qatar, then you will have to show proof that you belong as a citizen or resident of one of these countries. A copy of your GCC Residence Card is to be submitted with your other documents while applying for travel to Qatar. 

Valid Visa of Other Countries

This is an additional document one can submit as well. If you are a frequent traveler, then you must be having visas from the past one or two years which would still be in their valid period. This Qatar visa requirement is a good add-on to the rest of your documents as this proves that you are capable of traveling and sustaining yourself financially throughout the journey. A copy of the same can be submitted in order to speed up the approval process for your Qatar visa. You must have a valid visa or a Residency card for one of the following countries:

These countries valid visa or Residency card required for Qatar visa
Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Canada Czech
Denmark Estonia Finland France  Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Italy Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Oman Poland Portugal Saudi Arabia Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland UK UAE USA

Frequently Asked Queries

Q. Is there any specific procedure for countries eligible for visa-on-arrival?

The documents for the visa-on-arrival basis remain the same. However, these are to be presented after you arrive in Qatar. Know more about Qatar’s Visa-on-arrival policies and procedures here.

Q. What if my visa gets rejected?

If your Qatar Visa is rejected, then the reason for rejection is informed to you duly. Mostly, it is as simple as submitting one less of a form or the wrong information. Rectifying this is possible almost immediately. However, all the documents are to be submitted again, the application process is to be started again if you Qatar Visa application is rejected.

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