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qatar doha corniche the tourist landmark of qatar

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Definitely proving itself as one of the most-visited landmarks of Qatar, The Qatar Doha Corniche in capital city Doha in Qatar, is a place meant for every tourist to enjoy the essence of the Arab lands.

Reaching to Qatar and enjoying the Heart of Gulf at its best is easy. Applying for a visa has become easier than ever, with different Types of Qatar Visas available online, you too can enjoy the Doha skyline.


What is Doha Corniche?

  • A business and tourist landmark of Qatar, the Doha Corniche is a recreational area created to attract tourists, businessmen, and even the citizens of Qatar. 
  • It has the perfect balance of traditional values kept alive along with the modernistic approach of the Middle East. It serves beneficial to Qatar economically, politically, and holds a special place in each Qatari’s heart.


Historical Significance

  • The cornice got its name because of its presence beside the sea coast. Corniche, in literal terms, means a road being cut-off through the edge of a cliff or a sea coast. 
  • Doha Corniche has economic significance as well. This road joins the West Bay to the Qatar International Airport. West Bay has some of the tallest skyscrapers and commercial offices of Qatar.
  • Thus, it is a road taken by almost all visitors who arrive in Qatar, from the common folk to celebrities and politicians and businessmen, everyone is able to see the essence of the Corniche.


  • It is one of a kind sight to see. On one end, it has numerous skyscrapers touching the sky, while the other has the peaceful sea embracing nature. 
  • Doha Corniche has a distance of 7kms in total. A long walkway, it holds an important function of connecting two major locations (the Airport and West Bay) of Qatar.

How to reach?

  • Being an area of the utmost importance, the Corniche is easily connected to other parts of Doha by many traveling mediums. 
  • You can easily reach here by reaching the ‘Doha Corniche Metro Station’ or even book a cab online for the same (5-10 minute distance from the airport).
  • Doha Tourist maps are also easily available online which mentions all the activities and places one can visit! Don’t miss out on all the Places in Qatar which hold traditional importance.

Best Time to Visit

The Corniche is a happening place. One can devote a full day and enjoy the Corniche at its best. Reach there by morning to behold the beautiful sunrise by the skyline and stay there with various recreational activities to try out till evening.

Famous Attractions

From adventure sports to relaxing at the park and having a great brunch, the Doha Corniche is a place that can create memories for all age groups.


Things and Activities to do

This is a place meant for people who wish to be on to go and also for the one who wishes to sit still and relax. From adventure sports to yoga parks, you’ll find it all here: 


Behold the Sunrise at the Horizon

What one can get out of waking up early for the sun is majestic. Starting your day by the dusk at the horizon of the Doha cornice is an experience to not miss:

  • Notice the sun rays reflected on the mirrored skyscrapers

  • The peaceful ocean is a delight for everyone on the shore. 

  • Have your morning walk along with the water fountains of the Corniche. 

  • Notice the early birds jogging and shops opening for the day in a silent yet pleasant environment.


Visit the Corniche Parks

The Corniche is filled with lush green trees. Qatar believes in preserving its natural beauty, be it through deserts or greenery. 

  • The Corniche Park in Doha is a perfect spot for the evening to rest after the whole day of adventurous activities.

  • One can relax with their family along the Doha skyline.

  • It is the perfect place to let kids have their time and be free in the crowd-free, children safe park.

  • Have an ice-cream from one of the many shops adjoining the park borders.

Al Bidda is a famous park known for its peaceful yet engaging surroundings. The water fountains nearby keep the parks cool as well.


Art Galore Galleries – Museum of Islamic Art

This museum holds and treasures the cultural, traditional, and historical artifacts important to Qatar and its heritage. 

The Museum is surrounded by water and is situated along the end of the Corniche. Best visited in the night, the lighting and architecture of building cast an enchanting reflection on the water.


Modern Art

Qatar is a proud holder of its artistic abilities. Along with creative architecture, it pioneers in its paintings and gallery masterpieces as well.

  • Modern art pieces are displayed by the water fountains near the park.

  • One can go through all the pieces while strolling through the whole walkway

  • It serves as a great open museum for art lovers.

  • Preserved pieces are also places in a tower having 7 sides, and it is no less than a steel sculpture carved to beauty.


Dhow Cruise

  • Like the sunrise, Doha Corniche’s night is a beautiful sight as well. The best way to welcome the stars on the dim sky is by hopping on a Dhow cruise. Enjoy the sea breeze on one of these beautiful, traditional wooden boats.
  • Dhows, traditionally, were used by merchants who used to travel overseas for trade, thus going on these rides is a way to pay tribute to the hardworking traders of Qatar.
  • Just at the harbor, many Dhow cruises are available at a small fee. The cruise takes a long trip through the sea, alongside the Museum. 


Food/Restaurants to Try


Sky View

An extension of La Cigale Hotel, the Sky View, as the name suggests, is a huge rooftop bar and restaurant. It is a great way to enjoy the sea breeze by the coast. 

Starter foods are amongst the most appreciated ones here. Ensure you make a reservation beforehand if you wish to enjoy the Sky View. It is usually packed with reservations from days in advance.



Enjoy the Asian culture being in the Middle East with Zengo. A part of the Kempinski Residencies, this restaurant situated on the 61st floor is a sight to see.

Dumplings, along with sushi, tempura and fries are some of the best dishes one can try here. You can also avail of a Friday Brunch at just QAR 390-450!


Al Mourjan

Providing an amazing view of the sea, Al Mourjan is amongst the most popular Doha Corniche restaurants. Authentically Arabian, Al Mourjan has a never-ending list of exquisitely Arabian dishes and Middle East cuisines.


To Summarize 

  • With so many things to count upon while visiting the Qatar Doha Corniche, one forgets all their worries. It welcomes people of all classes, tourists, residents, and celebrities alike. 
  • Visit the Corniche and its enchanting endeavors by booking your visa now! Visit Qatar e-visa Online to get your visa at the comfort of your own home!


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