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Obtaining a Qatar Visa from United Arab Emirates is hassle-free and convenient. With the healthy and friendly relations of the two middle-eastern nations, Qatar offers people of the UAE many benefits when it comes to traveling to the Heart of Gulf.

Visit Visa for UAE Residents

A Visit Visa is easier to apply for than most Qatar Visas. Since both Qatar and the United Arab Emirates belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council, the citizens of both countries can avail of this visa facility.

  • It is a single-entry visa.
  • A Qatar Visit Visa has a validity of one month.
  • For the applicant to avail of this visa, s/he must have an occupation that is approved by the visa policies of Qatar. Know more about Qatar Visa Policy here.

Please note that the citizens of the United Arab Emirates do not require a visa prior to traveling to Qatar. Instead, they can opt for a Visa-on-arrival where they can obtain their visa after landing in Qatar.

Qatar Tourist Visa 

People who wish to visit Qatar for experiencing its culture and traditions as tourists usually opt for a Single-Entry on-arrival visa for Qatar. Know which places you should definitely visit in Qatar here.

  • A single-entry visa is available for the citizens of UAE on-arrival basis 
  • It is validated for a period of 30 days from your arrival in Qatar.
  • This visa can be extended for a period of a maximum period of three months.
  • If you wish to visit your relatives in Qatar and stay with them for a while, then applying for this visa will be efficient and applicable.

With the right Types of Qatar visa made available for every traveler, applying and approving for the same becomes efficient and easier.

Qatar visa for people living in the UAE 

Since only people who were born in the GCC Countries can avail of the visa-free entry along with a list of countries eligible for Qatar visa-on-arrival and Qatar ETA, you will have to create a Qatar visa if you do not belong to these countries.

Requirements for people living in the UAE

In order for you to opt for a Qatar visa from the United Arab Emirates, you will require a few additional documents along with other general documents:

GCC Resident Card

If you are living in the UAE for long enough, you must be having a card stating that you are a certified resident of the UAE. A copy of this card is to be submitted with the Qatar visa application form.

Place of stay (Residence Permit)

  • UAE Government must have issued proof of your place of stay. This document is also mandatory for those who were not born in the UAE yet are living there. 
  • Submit a copy of this card as well along with other documents like passport, application form, photographs, etc.


Q. What are the GCC Countries? 

Gulf Cooperation Council or majorly known as GCC is an alliance of the Middle Eastern Countries. These countries have removed their security borders and suspicions in order to grow together economically, socially, and demographically.

Q. Which countries are included in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)?

The countries that have created and are a part of GCC are:

Saudi Arabia


The United Arab Emirates




Q. I do not belong to any of the professions listed under the Qatar Visa Policy for GCC Residents. What can I do?

If you have a GCC resident card then you can apply for Qatar visa, Even though GCC Residents do have an advantage over other countries in order to visit Qatar, GCC residents can apply for any other visas made available by Qatar as well.

Q. What are the ways in which you can apply for a Qatar visa from UAE?

With the aid of networking and connectivity to even the remote parts of the world, it is easy for anyone to apply for a Qatar Visa.

  • One can apply by visiting their nearest Qatar Embassy.
  • One can visit the official Qatar website OR apply online as well. 

Qatar e-visa online helps millions of travelers in order to receive their visas quickly and efficiently within a span of three days! Visit Qatar e-visa online to book your visa and know all the details you would need to apply for one.

Q. What are the necessary documents required to be submitted for a Qatar visa from UAE?

  • Passport: The candidate’s passport must have a validity of a minimum of six months. Ensure that the passport must have the same signature as that on your application form.
  • Profession: In order for a GCC Resident to apply for this visa, s/he must be of a profession mentioned under the Visa Policies of Qatar. Have proof of the organization and post you are currently working in. 
  • The residence permit must also have validity for a period of minimum 6 months. Note that this validity period is considered from the date of residence of the candidate (or arrival of the candidate in Qatar)
  • You will need to pay a fee of QAR100 in order to apply for the visa. It is beneficial to keep your bank statements with you in order to speed up the process of receiving your visa.
  • A copy of a confirmed return ticket from Qatar is to be mandatorily submitted. Ensure that if your return ticket has a date that is beyond the validity period of the visa, then extend your visa as soon as you arrive in Qatar.

With the right checklist of Qatar visa requirements, any traveler cannot go wrong while applying for their visa.

Q. What happens when I do not extend my Qatar visa?

A QAR200 is to the fine for each extra day you stay in Qatar without extending your visa. You will be asked to pay the fine at the airport when you will be leaving Qatar.

Q. Are there any extensions available for GCC Residents opting for a Qatar visa?

Yes. Both the visas mentioned above are validated for a period of one month; however, they can be extended for up to three months. Do ensure that the period under which you can apply for an extension is one month from your date of arrival in Qatar.

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