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If you wish to travel to Qatar, you must be questioning “Do I need a visa for Qatar?” With the availability of various visa policies, it is common for tourists to be in dilemma. Find out that you need a visa for Qatar or not as Qatar also allows citizens from different countries visa on arrival or also there is a number of visa-free countries who do not need a Qatar visa in order to enter Qatar. If you have been making plans to visit Qatar, then a question of ‘Which Qatar Visa should I apply for’ must have crossed your mind. However, describing each country’s eligibility will make it clearer.

Be aware that not every country’s citizen requires a visa for Qatar. Depending on your county’s friendly relation with the Qatari Government, leniency can be maintained in obtaining a visa. Know more about which countries require a visa for Qatar here:

Who needs Visa for Qatar?

All Qatar visas have their set of rules and regulations which one should follow. Following headings focus on each type of visa depending upon the criteria as:

Based on the Purpose of Visit

Travelers from around the globe travel to Qatar for various purposes. In order to cater to every need of each traveler, the Qatari government has created different types of visas for any candidate to apply for. Each visa has its own separate set of documents that need to be submitted when applying for the visa. Know more about Qatar visa requirements here.

People usually travel to Qatar broadly for three main reasons:

  • To enjoy the essence of Middle Eastern culture and traditions and arriving in Qatar as a Tourist.
  • To visit their relatives living in Qatar.
  • To study and continue education.
  • To work and/or invest while staying in Qatar.

Tourism and Visit to Relatives

Qatar Tourist Visa is meant for all travelers who wish to visit Qatar as a tourist, together as a family or an individual. All Countries of the world are eligible for this Qatar visa. The two different types of Tourist visa one can apply for are a Long Tourist Visa and Short Tourist Visa.


Youngsters who wish to avail their college education in Qatar need to apply for a Qatar Student Visa. This does have a separate set of documents and age criteria which is to adhere at all costs. Know more about Qatar Student Visa here.

Work and Business

People who wish to arrive in Qatar for purposes related to earning and working in the Heart of Gulf needs to apply for a Qatar Business Visa. Please note that this visa is also applicable to each country as long as the candidate is under the working age.

Based on Nationality

Specific countries that have great relations with Qatar do have a facility of traveling to Qatar visa-free.


A Qatar visa-on-arrival is meant for a set of countries. Citizens of these countries are able to arrive at Qatari lands visa-free and receive their visas after they arrive in Qatar. This is a single-entry visa and its validity period is counted from the date of arrival of the candidate in Qatar. Please note that these countries can also apply for a visa through the regular procedure as well, such a choice is completely upon the candidate applying for the visa. 

There are two types of Visa-on-arrival available for people flying to Qatar:

30 days Visa-on-arrival

Pretty self-explanatory, this visa on arrival category allows the candidate to stay in Qatar for a period of maximum 30 days from their date of arrival in Qatar.

90 days Visa-on-arrival

For travelers who wish to stay for a longer duration of time, the visa on arrival extending for up to a validity period of 90 days is apt for them. Qatar Visa-on-arrival is a great option for people who prefer traveling visa-free. This process requires you to get your visa made after you land in Qatar. 

GCC Residents

GCC or widely known as the Gulf Cooperation Council is a set of countries belonging to the Middle Eastern Lands. These countries have mutually decided to bring down their borders in order to grow together economically, socially, and culturally. Such an alliance has created harmony amongst these neighboring lands. Residents of these countries can travel from one GCC country to another visa-free. Wondering how to travel with Qatar visa as a GCC Resident? Applying for a Qatar visa is easy and quick with the online processes available at Qatar e-visa online.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. I will be applying through a tourist visa for Qatar. What are the documents which will be required for it?

As a tourist, a general set of documents including your valid passport, return tickets, hotel bookings, and photographs will be mandatory. Know more about how to submit, eligibility, and details of Qatar Tourist Visa here.

Q. Are there any additional documents for any type of Qatar Visa?

Yes, some visas require additional documents to be shown as proof of your visit to Qatar (Student and Business Visa). Know about all the Qatar Visa requirements here.

Q. Can I apply for any Qatar Visa online?

Absolutely! With the services of Qatar e-visa online, almost all types of Qatar visas can be applied for online. With the convenience of the World Wide Web, you can receive your visa in your inbox itself! With the increase in traveling and upcoming FIFA in Qatar, catering to the needs of everyone is done impeccably by the Qatari Government. One can easily know which type of visa s/he needs to apply for with this Qatar Visa guide.

Q. I live in the UK. Can I travel to Qatar and its neighboring countries like Oman on a single visa?

Opting for a Qatar Visa as a UK national is an easy process. Oman belongs to one of the GCC Countries and thus people belonging to Oman can definitely travel to Qatar visa-free. Another great option for travelers to reach Qatar and its neighboring countries is by opting for a Qatar Oman joint visa.

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