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Qatar with its rich traditions and economy welcomes both tourists and businessmen alike. With the different types of Business Qatar visas, one can easily visit Qatar to increase his communication and networks. Build professional relations with the prosperous economy of Qatar by opting for Qatar’s Business Visas.

Types of Business Visas for Qatar

Depending upon the duration of stay, Qatar Business Visa is divided into different categories. These help in clarifying authorities about your purpose of visit to Qatar thoroughly. It is best to acknowledge oneself with all the types of Business Visas Qatar have to offer before haphazardly choosing one:


72-Hour Business visa

Perfect for short-term stays, the 72-hour Business Visa is apt if you are visiting Qatar for a business meeting, a short conference session or a trade exhibition.

Important notes to keep in mind about Qatar’s 72-Hour Business Visa:

1. The Visa is a single-entry Business Visa

2. It is available on an On-Arrival Basis. Knowing about Qatar Visa On Arrival types is important if you’re opting for 72-Hour Business Visa.

3. Extension for this Business Visa can be up to a maximum period of 72 hours only.


Business visa

Qatar Business Visa is the most common visa type used by people who will be working in Qatar for a few months. With a validity of about one month, Qatar’s Business Visa is a good choice if you are willing to undertake a project lasting within the specific timeframe. However, one can extend a Business Visa for Qatar as well. 

Thus, Business Visas have a different set of documents which are needed to be presented in order to apply for the visa. Purpose of business, duration of stay, company papers etc. are some of the documents which must be provided in order to apply for a Business Visa for Qatar.

Important notes to keep in mind about Qatar Business Visa:

1. Qatar Business Visa is a single-entry visa.

2. It is validated for a period of 30 days, starting from the date of issuance.

3. The visa can be extended for a maximum period of three months only.

4. A fine of QAR 200 is considered for every extra day you will stay in Qatar without extending your visa OR after the termination of the three month period.


Investor visa

Exclusively for stand-alone investors, Qatar Investor Visa is meant to be for people who wish to invest by creating networks in Qatar. Applying for an investor visa requires you to fall into a set of the category of rules and regulations, along with clean conduct and criminal-free records.


Documents Required to Apply for a Business Visa

All three categories of Business Visas for Qatar require almost the same set of documents. It is necessary to note that these set of documents are, however, different from other types of Qatar Visas:

1. The applicant’s passport, with a validity period of six months.

2. Statement for Financial Proof. Bank statements, transactions and bills are some proofs you can provide. 

3. Proof of funds is also to be provided in the form of any recognizable commercial bank statement.

4. Purpose of the visit, which would include your reason for working in Qatar. A company Letter, a collaboration statement are some proofs you can provide as your purpose of visit. The company must be a registered one under the economy of Qatar.

5. Proof of residence.

6. Passport sized photographs of the applicant. (minimum 2 photographs)

7. While applying for an Investor Visa: 

a. Certificate for proof of clean conduct.

b. Documents denoting your property ownership

c. A medical health check-up report.


How can I Apply Online for a Qatar Business Visa?

Applying online for any kind of Visa is easier and stress-free. Not only saving time but also eliminating the issues of traffic, one can apply easily for their Qatar e-visa on Qatar E Visa Online.

Receiving your visa at the comfort of your own home is as easy as three steps! Apply Qatar Visa at Qatar E Visa Online, submit the required documents specified and pay with your preferred mode of transaction. With Tourist Visa Online, you can receive your visa in your inbox within 72 hours only!

Steps to take while applying online at Tourist Visa Online:

STEP 1: Visit Qatar E Visa Online

STEP 2: Mention where you wish to go, along with your nationality

STEP 3: Submit all the documents necessary for applying for your visa. A list of documents will already be provided as a checklist to you. You can submit the documents via your mail at 

STEP 4: Pay using your preferred method of transaction. Qatar E Visa Online accepts fees via PayPal, Credit/Debit card or direct bank transfer.

Voila! You will receive your visa in your registered mail ID within a span of 72 hours.

Going to stay in Qatar for longer? Then a Business Visa may not be your answer! Qatar does offer a Work Permit and Residency Permit for people who are going to work in Qatar for longer than a period of three months.

Wishing to bring your family to enjoy the culture of Qatar together? Then applying for Qatar’s Family Visa is a great option to go for as soon as you apply for your Business Visa to Qatar as well! Might ant to look out for the Places you must visit in Qatar while you’re enjoying the Heart of Gulf along you’re your loved ones.

Live and work in the Heart of Gulf, passionately!

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