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Wondering how to welcome your family to Qatar? Qatar Family Visa Policies turns your dreams into reality!


Qatar: A Place Perfect for Family Vacations!

Known to be one of the smallest yet the richest countries of the Middle Eastern countries, Qatar proves to be a perfect balance of business and the celebration spirit. 

This land situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf is famous not only for its cuisines, traditions and festivals but also for its ambitious networks and communications backing up its rich economy as well.

So you have finally settled in Qatar for your business ventures, and are planning ahead to bring your family to give them the essence of the traditions of Qatar as well? Qatar offers various types of visas depending upon your purpose of visit, and a Qatar Family Visa is perfect to reunite with your loved ones as soon as possible!


What is Qatar Family Visa?

People having residents of their family living in Qatar can apply for a Qatar Family Visa to visit them. Depending upon how long your duration of the stay in Qatar would be, Qatar’s Visa policies have two types of Family Visas to apply for.

Note that these visas do have a slight difference in the documents you must be presented in order to receive your visa. Your relations with the residents already living in Qatar also play a major role in deciding which Family Visa you should opt for.



Types of Qatar Family Visas


Qatar Family Visit Visa

Wanting to visit your relatives living in Qatar for a vacation? This visa is perfect for short-term stays in Qatar. This single-entry visa has a validation of one month from the moment you enter the lands of the Heart of Gulf. 

Loving the ambience of Qatar and wish to stay for longer? Extension of the Family Visit Visa is possible. The procedures to be taken for the same must be completed within one month of arrival to Qatar itself. 


Extension Rules for Qatar Family Visit Visa


Relation with Resident of Qatar

Extension period of Family Visit Visa depends upon your relationship with the resident of yours already living in Qatar. 

1. Immediate Family Members: Parents, grandparents and first siblings are considered to be your immediate family members. If an immediate family member is a resident of Qatar, then it can be extended for up to a period of six months.

2. Other Relatives: Second-degree relatives, such as nephews, cousins etc. are included under second-degree relatives. If these relatives are living in Qatar, then the extension for your Visa would be up to a period of a maximum of 3 months.


Documents Required for Qatar’s Family Visit Visa


Documents for applying for a Qatar Family Visit Visa are mandatory to be shown whenever required: 

1. A completed and duly filled application form

2. Copy of Qatar ID 

3. Copy and original passports of all the family members who will be availing for the Visa.

4. Copy of employer’s letter of acceptance. This must mention the position you will be working on along with the salary you will be receiving.

5. Copies of marriage certificates.

6. Copies of children’s birth certificate, if they are availing for a visa as well.

7. Passport-sized photographs (at least 8-10) of each family member.


Procedures for Extension

A simple medical procedure is mandatory in order to extend your Family Visit Visa. Some important steps to be taken care of are:

1. A Medical Examination is compulsory for anyone above 7 years of age. This examination is undertaken by Qatar Medical Commission.

2. The Medical Examination must be completed and approved within one month of arrival to Qatar.

3. For children under 7 years of age, a medical examination is NOT conducted. However, a QAR 100 Fee is to be submitted in order to extend their visas.

Important points to note about Qatar’s Family Visit Visa and its extension are:

1. This is a Single-Entry Visa. It is considered a single-entry visa even after extending the visa.

2. Validated for a period of one month starting from the date of arrival of the visa holder in Qatar.

3. Depending upon your relationship with the resident in Qatar, the extension period can be up to 3 or 6 months.

4. The extension requires a medical examination undertaken by Qatar Medical Commission. 

5. Children Under 7 years of age do not require a medical examination, but a fee of QAR 100 is to be submitted instead. 


Qatar Family Visa

Meant for longer stays, Qatar Family Visa requires a different set of procedures and eligibility criteria to avail one for you. 

If you are working as an employee in Qatar, then your Qatar Business Visa must be sponsored by your employer, however, if you wish to bring your family to Qatar as well, a permanent stay is something which must be in your mind. 

This visa allows family members of the resident working in Qatar to live for a longer period of time. For the same, a residence permit of the family members is mandatory.


Procedures to Avail Qatar Family Visa

The procedure to avail this visa is similar, however, the set of rules to avail a Qatar Family Visa are different:

1. The candidate applying must undergo a medical examination undertaken by Qatar Medical Commission.

2. If your wife/husband wishes to arrive and work in Qatar, they require their own Work Permit, issued by the Ministry of Labour’s Employment Department.

3. Males under 25 years of age are NOT eligible for a Family Visa. However, females do not have this restriction provided they are unmarried. 


Documents Required for a Qatar Family Visa

1. Duly filled and completed Application Form

2. A Letter of acceptance from the employer. This must mention their monthly salary and their starting position at the workplace.

3. Copies of all the bank statements of the past six months

4. Copies of all family members’ passports that will be availing for the Family Visa for Qatar.

5. If a child is adopted

6. Then the reason for the adoption

7. The statements for adoption are mandatory.

8. Birth certificates of the children as a copy.

9. The copy must be notarized by the Foreign Ministry of Home Affairs of the home country

10. attested by the Qatar Embassy in that country

11. Later by MOFA in Qatar.

12. Marriage certificate (original and copy) of the applicant are mandatory. 

13. The copy must be notarized by the Foreign Ministry of Home Affairs of the home country

14.  Attested by the Qatar Embassy in that country

15. Later by MOFA in Qatar.

16. Proof of address wherein you would be staying. The proof can be an electricity bill of the residence.


How can I apply Qatar Visa Online?

There is absolutely no need to hassle around going to the embassies, you can easily apply for a visa and receive one at the comfort of your own home! 

With Qatar E Visa Online, applying for a visa is as easy as three steps: Just apply, submit your documents, and pay with your preferred method and voila! You will receive your visa in your inbox within 2 days.

Want to learn more about applying for visas online? Qatar E Visa Online solves all your Visa queries in one go! 


Apply With Qatar E Visa Online

Figured out that Family Visa isn’t meant for you? Qatar offers various types of Visas for your specific purpose. It is best to go through the different Types of Qatar Visa before applying.

Know more about the Places to Visit in Qatar with your family, for a great stay!

Going to work in Qatar soon? Congratulations! Qatar is the treasure pool of numerous business opportunities and networks to grow yourself. Know how you can easily reach Qatar by Qatar’s Business Visa procedures to start showcasing your talent in Qatar right away.

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