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Be ready to Travel to Qatar with this one-stop travel guide! Qatar, situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf provides you with Arab, Indian and Islamic influences. Know which places to visit in Qatar before you even apply for your Qatar Visa Rich in culture, food, traditions and sight-seeing, the land amongst the warm deserts are bound to keep you mesmerised!

How to Travel to Qatar?

As a citizen of another country, you might be living overseas. Booking a flight and applying for a visa beforehand by planning the dates will make your journey easier and joyful.


Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is awarded for its hospitality and services worldwide. One can easily book a flight to Qatar. Applying for a visa is even easier. 


Applying for a Visa

Qatar offers different types of visas to everyone depending on their purpose. One can choose a Qatar Tourist Visa if your sole purpose is to enjoy a vacation with the Heart of Gulf.


Places to Visit in Qatar

From marketing to eating guilt-free and observing scenic architecture, Qatar has got it all covered for you. The places mentioned below have had their share of historic, natural and economic significance. 

Your stay in Qatar is planned by keeping in mind a tour of 5 days and 4 nights. However, one can visit any of these sites any time s/he likes:

Doha Corniche (Qatar Travel: Day 1)

The Doha Corniche spans up as a walkway alongside major tourist-friendly sites. Including adventure sports, parks and small shopping centres, the Doha Corniche is a great place to enjoy your first day in Qatar.

Historic Significance

The Doha Corniche connects two major landmarks of Doha (Capital city of Qatar). It joins the business district of West to Qatar International Airport.

Best time to visit

Reach at the Doha Corniche to watch the sunrise and enjoy your whole afternoon there to live the ideal Qatari life.

Important Features

Being a family-friendly place, the Doha Corniche provides entertaining events for all age groups:

Morning Activities

  • Visit this in the morning and have your morning walk in this 7 km long walkway.

  • Fly a kite beside the sea.

Afternoon Activities

  • Enjoy the scenic view of the skyscrapers alongside the shore.

  • Sit in the surprisingly green grass and soak in the sun at Al Bidda Park

  • Enjoy an ice-cream beside the park and the fountains

Dine at

  • Al Mourjan is a fine, luxurious dining restaurant beside the sea. 

  • La Veranda is another great option for the tourists who are on a budget.


Dhow Ride (Day 1)

Enjoy a boat ride with Qatar’s famous dhow ships and boats. Even though deserts and warm climate represents the Gulf, it does have beautiful bays and beaches as well. 

Historic Significance

Traditionally, a dhow was used by merchants who used to sail for trade. Along with merchants, the dhow was also used by fishermen as well. The Dhow Boat Race is held annually at the Corniche as an important festival to respect the traditional customs of Qatar.

Please note that kids below 2 years of age are not allowed to board a dhow for security and safety.

Best Time to Visit

By walking the whole of Doha Corniche, the end is marked by a Dhow Ride. Thus it is perfect to enjoy the boat ride when the sun is setting.

Important Features

  • Have a panoramic view of the Corniche.

  • The ride usually lasts for about 2 hours 

  • View the sunset in the horizon, creating a gold skyline for you to relax under.


Katara Cultural Village (Qatar Travel: Day 2)

Qatar Cultural Village or better known as Katara Village is a recreational and educational area meant for tourists to enjoy and understand the traditions, cultures and beliefs of Qatar.

Historic Significance

Specifically created to treasure the historic architecture and to build more upon it, the Katara Cultural Village combines both traditional and modern aspects of Qatar.

Best Time to Visit

It takes around 2 hours to enjoy Katara Cultural Village fully. Thus, coming here right after breakfast (11 am-2 pm) or during mid-morning is the perfect time to visit it without a hurry.

Important Features

  • See the majestic beauty of modern amphitheatres, fountains, luxury shop.

  • Have a view of the natural aspects of Qatar: Beaches to recreational green parks.

  • View the history of Qatar in a glance with numerous museums and artefacts.


Souq Waqif (Qatar Travel: Day 3)

Souq Waqif is the only place you need to visit if you’re looking forward to shopping in Qatar. 

Historic Significance

Souq Waqif is almost 100 years old and includes street shops to luxurious Shisha Lounges. In 2006, it was renovated to preserve the architectural style of the buildings, in order to maintain the Arab influence of the buildings.

Best Time to Visit

Visit this shopping pool during early afternoon till evening to enjoy the happening markets in the day, and the beautiful lighting and decorations in the evening.

Important Features


What you can buy

  • Shop for daily and occasion wear at the street and high-end clothing stores.

  • Buy spices for your kitchen to add flavours to your cooking.

  • Visit Gold Souq if you love accessorising. It is a separate building sells various jewellery, ranging from small earpieces to bold necklaces and bridal jewellery. 

Activities to Do

  • See and try Falconry at Falcon Souq, situated at the end of Souq Waqif. 

  • Visit the Horse Stables. This area marks respect to the Arabic horses, which were important for the economy back in the early days.

Dine at

  • Damascus One, a known branch of luxurious restaurants serving traditional Arabic cuisine.

  • Tajine, a roof-top restaurant famous for its Moroccan style dishes.


Museum of Islamic Arts (Day 3)

Museum of Islamic Arts holds the treasures, artefacts and elements of historic importance to Qatar. It is the most significant museum in Qatar.

Historic Significance

This museum not only includes the arts and architecture of Qatar but also of three continents as well. Artefacts over 1400 years old are also preserved here for tourists and Qataris to admire.

Best Time to Visit

Museum of Islamic Art is situated on the banks of the sea near the Doha Corniche. The sunset along with the lighting of the museum creates a scenic view at night and is thus the best time to visit the museum. 

It is also an area separated from the mainland and is located on an island, thus the night time gives you a view of the starry sky above too.

Important Features

  • Have a look at the artefacts important to the culture of Qatar

  • View the traditional dresses and costumes of Qatar and the Arabic style.

  • Soak in the splendid architecture of the Museum with the enchanting lighting.


Doha Desert (Qatar Travel: Day 4)


Historic Significance

Doha Desert holds importance in Qatar’s history. The military basis was established here to guard the borders and maintain security during the times of warfare.

Best Time to Visit

During the direct heat, the Doha desert can get a bit uncomfortable. if you are visiting in the summers, it is best to visit it in the mornings or after 2 pm.

Important Features

  • Enjoy the world-famous camel ride

  • Have the experience of a sand-board. One can slide down the wave-like dunes in this adventure sport.

  • Experience jeep-desert safari


Aspire Park (Day 4)

If you came to Qatar for adventure sports and excitement, then Aspire Park is perfect for you. Along with recreational activities, it includes parks to relax with your family.

Historic Significance

Built-in 203 solely to encourage outdoor activities, Aspire Park has become a worldwide tourist spot. With its popularity, Aspire Academy was established, leading to Qatar hosting the 2006 Asian Games.

Best Time to Visit

Although a complete day can be spent in Aspire Park alone, it depends on what interest you. If you wish to enjoy the adventurous activities, then arriving in the morning or afternoon will be perfect.

If you have an interest in cafes and relaxing, then arriving in the evening and staying for dinner will be the best way to enjoy Aspire Park.

Important Features

  • Jog around 88 hectares Park surrounded by fountains and greenery.

  • Enjoy a good coffee over an aquatic park. (Perfect for kids to enjoy)

  • Have a view of the Torch Tower, which served as a mark for the 2006 Asian Games held in Qatar.


To Summarize your Trip

With this short, yet exciting 5 days 4 nights trip to Qatar, one can immerse in the culture of the Arabian lands:

Day 1: Doha Corniche and Dhow Ride

Day 2: Katara Cultural Village

Day 3: Souq Waqif and Museum of Islamic Arts

Day 4: Doha Desert and Aspire Park


Qatar Travelling: Things to keep in Mind

Qatar is welcoming and warm to each of its tourists, yet, following certain guidelines to respect their tradition will ensure you an enjoyable journey and sight-seeing:

  • Note that you ask the authorities before taking pictures or filming. Military areas or museums may not allow photography under any circumstances.

  • Drugs, alcohol and other kind of intoxication are strictly prohibited in public places. Luxurious restaurants, however, may allow liquor consumption under certain guidelines.

  • Ensure that the clothing you wear is appropriate to the Qatari culture. It is best to avoid short clothing.

With the whole itinerary for you, travelling to Qatar has just been made easier for you! That leaves with visa being the only question in mind. With Tourist Visa Online and  Qatar e-visa Online, one can easily apply Qatar Visa online. You will receive your visa in your inbox within 2 hours only! 

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