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Living in Pakistan and wish to avail a Qatar Visa? Pakistani Nationals do have various types of visas to apply from in order to reach Qatar. 


Qatar and Pakistan: A tie of History

Pakistan and Qatar have been together in building up each other's economy in a brotherly manner. Sharing its Arab relations, both have been tied with each other traditions as well. 

Both the countries welcome its tourist with warm hugs and welcoming gestures. Pakistani nationals can enjoy the taste of Arabian culture, cuisine and history conveniently by applying for a visa with minimal documents.



Which Qatar Visas can Pakistani Nationals Apply for?

Pakistani Nationals can avail for a visa like citizens of any other country wishing to visit Qatar. However, Pakistan has the advantage of availing a visa-free arrival to Qatar. Here is how you can decide which visa to choose from:




Define your purpose of visit

Will you be arriving to Qatar for a tourist visit, or for enjoying a vacation with your family? Then opting for visas having a validity of 30 days is the best option to go for.

Please note that if you wish to stay in Qatar for work, then a Qatar Business Visa is mandatory, irrespective of your nationality.



Types of Qatar Visas for Pakistani Nationals



Tourist Visa

Pakistanis wishing to visit Qatar for enjoying the Qatari culture and traditions for a small vacation can opt for a Tourist Visa. 


Features of Tourist Visa

  • With a validity of 30 days, this visa allows you to stay in Qatar for about a month.

  • It is a single-entry visa.

  • One can opt for a short or a long tourist visa. A long Tourist visa has a period of 3 months in total after extension.

  • This visa is also available ‘on-arrival’ basis and is completely free for Pakistani Nationals.



Qatar Visa-On-Arrival

Qatar Visa-On-Arrival is a system which allows residents of a particular country to arrive visa-free to Qatar. You are required to apply for a visa once you have landed in Qatar.

Features of Qatar Visa-On-Arrival
  • For Pakistani Nationals, this visa is validated for a period of 30 days from the date of issuance.

  • This visa type cannot be extended under any circumstances.

  • The documents required for the same are different from other Qatar Visas.

Please note that deciding for a Visa which is ‘on-arrival’ basis may increase the chances of risks. 

It becomes an issue if your visa isn’t processed and you have already arrived in Qatar. Thus, it is better to opt for a visa which you can have with you before you take your flight to Qatar.


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One can easily apply for a visa online through trusted sources. Tourist Visa Online and Qatar e-visa Online is convenient to use if you wish to avail your visa. One can easily apply for a visa, submit their required documents and receive their visa in their mail itself, all, within a span of three days.


Documents and Papers Required

The necessary documents required for each type of visa is different. It is best to go through the details of the papers necessary beforehand to avoid any mishaps later on:

In order to avail a Qatar Visa, you must provide your passport, return tickets, residence proof and medical reports as mentioned in detail below:



  • Every Pakistani national travelling, including children, must have their own passports. 

  • A passport endorsed with a parent is not accepted.

  • Your passport must have a validity of 6 months. 

  • Please note this validity must be from the date of arrival to Qatar.


Tickets Required

  • A proof of a confirmed return ticket must be provided.

  • Having a proof of where you will be staying (a ‘proof of residence’) also helps to speed-up your approval for the visa.


Proof of Financial Stability

  • The easiest to provide a proof of your financial balance is through your cash.

  • Ensure you carry a minimum of QAR 5000.

  • Having a valid credit card is beneficial too.


Medical Reports (Polio Vaccination)

  • If you are coming to Qatar from Pakistan, you must have a proof of a polio vaccination.

  • The proof is best shown in the form of a vaccination certificate.

  • Do go through the current conditions of the time (if any other crisis is occurring, one must have medical reports stating you healthy to be in Qatar).


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Have a scan of

  • All documents mentioned below

  • Your official signature, in PNG format.



  • The passport and its scan must be readable by machines and other scanners.

  • The scan must be coloured. A black and white scan is not accepted. 

  • Pages to be scanned must be having your bio and general information.

  • Ensure that the page you scan must have a passport photo of the passport holder as well.



  • Have a scan of confirmed arrival and return tickets.

  • Note: If you are availing Qatar Airways, the scan of this document is not required.


Proof of Residence

  • Hotel Reservations

  • A Proof of address is necessary if you are going to stay at your relative’s house. This proof can be in the form of electricity bills mentioning the name of the head of the family.



  • A scan of the visitor’s passport-size photo.

  • The photo must be on a clear background, preferably a white background.

  • Ensure that the scan of these photographs must NOT have any glare/shine.



Additional Papers (Optional)

If you have any of the following proofs, then presenting these while applying for a Qatar Visa can be beneficial.

Please note these are documents and proofs which will only speed-up your process of availing a visa. It is in no way mandatory. 


Past Travel History

If you have travelled to some other country, then proof of travel can be shown.

  • Proofs included in the same can be confirmed arrival and departure tickets.

  • Proof of stay in that country is helpful as well. For example Hotel Reservations.

  • Any bills mentioning money transaction in that country.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the visa requirements for other countries?

Depending on your country and the visa you opt for, the documents required to avail a visa may be different. Go through the different Types of Qatar Visas to know more.

2. What all places can I visit while on a Tourist Visa?

Qatar is a place upholding its traditional and modern aspects perfectly. The places to visit in Qatar have their historical and/or economic significance.

Belonging to a particular country does have its own benefits, opting for a Qatar Via for Pakistani Nationals is definitely having its own benefits thanks to the relations between Qatar and Pakistan.

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