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Living in the Pearl of the Orient? If you are a citizen of Philippines then applying for a Qatar visa for Philippines citizen is made easier for you, thanks to the tourism relations of Qatar and the Philippines.  Know all the types of Qatar Visas a Filipino can apply for conveniently, along with each visa’s eligibility and the documents which are to submit for the same:

Qatar Visa types for Filipinos

Any Qatar Visa allows its tourist to stay in Qatar for a period of one month. Extension periods are provided on specific visas. Depending on your purpose of visit, the visa type you will apply for can change.

The Types of Qatar Visas applicable for Filipinos are:


Tourist Visa

Qatar Tourist Visa for Filipinos is available both on online and offline platforms. If you wish to visit Qatar for a vacation, then applying for a Qatar Tourist Visa is your best option as:

  • This would also clarify your purpose of visiting Qatar.
  • A Qatar Tourist Visa can be availed by any nationality and by a person of any age group.
  • With a validity of 30 days, you can easily and conveniently soak in the essence of Qatar and its cultures.
  • One can opt between a short tourist visa and a long tourist visa.

Business Visa

  • If you will be visiting Qatar in order to invest, work, or be involved in any financial activity, then you must apply for Qatari Business Visa.
  • Please note that citizens of the Philippines who will be traveling for business purposes to Qatar must apply and receive their visa to Qatar before actually arriving to Qatar.
  • Depending upon your period of work in Qatar, one can opt from the following types of Business Visas available for Qatar:

72 Hour Business Visa 

If you are visiting Qatar for a short meeting, an exhibition or a conference lasting for not more than 3 days, then this visa will be perfect for your visit to Qatar.

Business Visa

Meant for longer stays spanning for up to validity of one month, a Qatar Business Visa is meant for businessmen who wish to will be working under an organization for projects lasting for a quarter year and longer.

Qatar ETA

People of the Philippines can only apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) if they meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate must hold a residence permit of one of the given countries: Australia, Canada, UK, and USA, New Zealand, or one of the Schengen Countries.
  • Proof of a Valid Visitor Visa is also required for the same. The countries included for Visitor Visa proof are: Australia, GCC, Canada, Schengen Countries or New Zealand

Documents Required and Eligibility Criteria


Tourist Visa

A Qatar Tourist Visa for Filipinos requires a similar set of documents as that of any different nationality.

Application Form of the Visa

  • Ensure that it is duly and completely filled and smudge-free.
  • If you are applying online, ensure that the scan is a colored one and clear. All the signatures and information must be clearly visible.


  • The passport of the candidate must be valid for about 6 months from the date of issuance of the visa.
  • Please note that it is best to have a separate passport for children and infants as well.
  • If you are applying online, then the bio-page of the passport and front cover needs to be submitted as a colored scan.


  • Recent passport-sized photos are mandatory.
  • Submit a minimum of two photographs.
  • The photograph must be with a clear background.
  • If you are applying online, ensure that the scan is colored and without any shine/glare.

Hotel Reservations and Itinerary

  • If you are visiting as a tourist, Qatar government needs to confirm where you will be staying. Thus proof of hotel reservation is important.
  • This proof can be given in the form of the address of the hotel, billing transactions, etc.
  • A proof of Itinerary reservation is also accepted if you are traveling with a known tout agency.

Financial Statements

  • Filipino parents traveling must have proof of financial stability before visiting Qatar.
  • The tourist must have proof of a minimum of US$1400.
  • The proof can be in the form of credit card balance or bank statements.
  • Bank Statements must be one which is from the past 3 months.

Business Visa


Application Form

Duly filled and signed application form


The passport must be valid. Ensure to keep photocopies of the same as well.


  • You must have two passport-sized photographs.
  • Ensure that these were clicked recently in a studio.
  • It is preferable to have a photograph on a clear background.

Financial Statements

These are statements proving your financial stability. These proofs can be in the form of cash balance, transactions, and credit card balance.

Purpose of Visit

  • This is an important document which is to be submitted compulsorily. This is proof of your having a job offer in Qatar.
  • This is usually a Letter from the employer mentioning your visa request.

Qatar ETA


Residency Proof

Following papers can be submitted as a form of your residency proof:

  • A Resident Card
  • Utility Bill
  • Debit and/or credit card transactions (bills)
  • Any papers mentioning the address with your designated full name.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Qatar ETA for Philippines?

A. Electronic Travel Authorization, or known as ETA for short, is a permit that allows citizens of particular countries (including Philippines) to apply for a visa online. However, if a Filipino wishes to visit Qatar through ETA, s/he must have a residency permit of specific countries. Know more about Qatar ETA 

Q. What are some other Qatar Visas available?

A. Qatar promises to offer every person a legible way of applying for a visa. Know more about the different types of Qatar Visas

Q. How much is a Qatar visa fee for Philippines?

A. An average Qatar Visa of any type costs QAR100. However, this fee may change from time to time, depending upon the economic and political conditions of the county and of the travel sector.

Q. Can a citizen of the Philippines arrive in Qatar Visa-free?

A. For now, citizens of Philippines aren’t included in the list of countries that are eligible for visa-free arrival to Qatar. It is best to apply for a visa anyhow as opting for a visa-on-arrival basis can be riskier.

Philippines to Qatar made comfortable

Filipinos and Qataris have always been connected with tourism. Qatar backs the third position when it comes to Filipinos wanting to work overseas. With the three options provided to Philippines, traveling to Qatar is convenient and easy for everyone living in the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines.

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