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Uzbekistan and Qatar have had supportive bilateral relations with each other. These usually mingle into traditional, cultural, and socio-economic aspects as well. The continuous collaboration of the two countries has made it easier for the citizens of Uzbekistan to come to Qatar, as a tourist or as businessmen.


Types of Qatar Visas Available for Uzbekistanis


ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

An Electronic Travel Authorization allows any tourist/citizens of a selected number of countries to apply for a Qatar visa.

  • It is a single entry visa.
  • Qatar ETA has validity for 30 days.
  • All the documents are given online to the visa center.
  • Scanned copies of the documents are verified for the same.
  • Know more about Qatar ETA here.

Tourist Visa

If you will be visiting Qatar to experience the culture and traditions of the Middle East, then applying for a Qatar Tourist Visa can be your easiest and best way to reach Qatar.

  • A Tourist Visa is valid for a period of 30 days.
  • An extension is available in a Qatar Tourist Visa. Know more about Qatar’s Tourist Visa here.
  • One can apply for a Short Tourist Visa or a Long Tourist Visa depending upon their length of stay.

Business Visa

If you will be going for completing anything related to your occupation, then it is mandatory for any Uzbekistani citizen to apply for a Business Visa.

  • Depending upon your work length, you can choose between a 72-hour business visa or a Regular Business Visa, which is for a month.
  • A 72-hour business visa is meant for short term stays in Qatar for business-related work. 
  • If you will be attending a conference meeting or a trade exhibition lasting for a day or two, then applying for a 72-hour business visa will be easy and convenient for you.

Documents Necessary

The friendly and long-term relations between Qatar and Uzbekistan have made it easier for Uzbekistanis to apply for a visa:

Application Form

  • A duly filled and complete the visa application form.
  • If you are submitting it online, ensure that the scan is a colored copy. The details are written must be clear and visible.


  • Your Passport must have a validity of 6 months.
  • Ensure that you scan the bio page if you will be applying online.

Residence Proof

A residence proof is just a document stating your place of stay in Qatar.

  • A Residence can be out of the following: 
  • A hotel booking/transaction papers of the same
  • A Travelling Agency’s booking (if you will be traveling with one as a tourist)
  • Residence proof (electricity bills) of your relatives in Qatar (if you will be staying with them).

Financial Stability

Qatar wishes you a safe and enjoyable stay in Qatar. 

  • A Financial Stability proof is asked to ensure that you will be able to support yourself financially in Qatar.
  • Financial proof can be bank statements, credit card bills, etc.
  • You must have a minimum of 5000 QAR with you when you arrive to Qatar.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many days does it take to receive your Qatar Visa?

A. Normally, it takes about 7 to 10 business days for a Qatar Visa to get approved. However, depending upon the type of visa you are applying for, the processing time may vary. Know more about the different Types of Qatar Visas here.

Q. Can people of Uzbekistan receive a Qatar Visa On-Arrival?

A. As of 2020, the list of countries eligible for a 30 or 90-day visa-free arrival does not include Uzbekistan. 

Q. What are the fees of a Qatar Visa?

A. 30-day Qatar Visa of any type costs $68 while a 96-hour Visa costs about $44.

Q. My Qatar Visa was canceled due to being ‘unfit’ in Medical test. Can I apply again?

A. Yes, you can apply for a Qatar Visa again after a period of one month. Please note that depending upon the reason for your rejection, the period may extend.

Q. My son is working in Qatar. How much do I have to pay for my Visit Visa to Qatar?

A. Qatar Visit Visa costs around QAR 100. Please note that you will have to give a proof of where you will be residing in Qatar (i.e. with your son.) You will have to show a proof of your son’s residence in Qatar.


Travel from Central Asia to the Middle East

Arrive at the Heart of Gulf. Bring your Uzbekistani friends to enjoy the perfect balance of architecture and traditional culture, alike.

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