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Oman citizens do not need to apply for Qatar visa as they are from the Qatar visa-exempt country but people living in Oman having different nationalities are needed to apply for Qatar visa from Oman, which they can apply online at Qatar E Visa Online where you will get amazing visa services with 24/7 chat support. If you are having arrangements to traveling nearby with a Qatar Visa from Oman then the correct set of guidelines is mandatory to follow. Many people from the Sultanate of Oman travel to Qatar each year.


  • Qatar visa applicable for Omani Passport Holders
  • GCC Pact and Visa-Free entry from Oman
  • Frequently Asked Queries

Qatar Visas applicable for Omani Passport Holders

If you belong to Oman, then you by default do not require a visa on a prior basis. Qatar and Oman belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council and thus citizens of Omani lands can travel to Qatar without any visa in their hands.

What if I wish to work as an Omani-born citizen in Qatar?

That being said, please keep in mind that you must be under a recognized business profession from Oman in order to travel to Qatar sans a visa. 

  • Also, you will not be allowed to work under a visa-free entry in Qatar. Thus, even after being a native from Oman, if you wish to involve in business and meetings related to the economy of both the countries, then you must apply for a Business Visa provided by the Qatari government to many countries of the world.
  • However, for safety purposes, if you still wish to apply for a visa to be in Qatar from the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar offers a Visit visa, e-visa, and a visa on arrival for Oman natives. 

GCC Pact and Visa-Free Entry to Qatar from Oman

The Gulf Cooperation Council is a pact created by the neighboring countries of Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, The United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. Being helpful to each other since the beginning, these lands have allowed ease in traveling for their citizens from one GCC country to another.

  1. Omani citizens do not require a visa for arriving and staying in Qatar if they are not working during that period.
  2. People who belong to one of the GCC countries, along with Omani citizens can apply for a single entry visa.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q. I am a citizen of Oman but I am living there, can I still visit Qatar under the GCC Pact, without a visa? Are there any additional documents that I will have to submit?

Without a visa, you will not be able to arrive or stay in Qatar as you do not have an Omani Passport. You will be required to apply for one of the many Qatar visas provided.

  • Yes, an extra document which you will have to send as a copy along with your other visa applications and photographs is the GCC Resident card. 
  • A GCC Resident Card is issued by your GCC Country, allowing you to live in it as a resident. 
  • If you are a resident of Oman, you will have a GCC Resident Card stating that you live in Oman and are working or studying there.
  • This card must state the native country you belong to and must be under the validity period till the time you visit Qatar and come back to Oman.

Q. Can I travel to Oman first on a Qatar-Oman Joint Visa?

No. Under a Joint visa for Qatar with Oman, the traveler has to travel to Qatar first and then travel to Oman. If you wish to extend this joint visa, then it can only be extended for a stay in Oman for an extended time period.

Q. How do I know if I am eligible for a Qatar-Oman Joint Visa?

With the supportive aspect of both, the countries towards each other, Qatar and Oman provide an easier to travel to both of these Middle Eastern countries at once. A Qatar Oman Joint Visa allows you to go to Qatar first and then directly to Oman under the belt of just one visa approval. However, do know that only people of a selected number of countries are able to opt for this Joint visa:

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium Brunei Canad
Darussalam Denmark France Finland Greece Germany
Hong Kong Italy Ireland Iceland Japan Luxembourg
<Monaco Malaysia Norway Portugal Netherland New Zealand
Switzerland Spain San Marino Sweden South Korea Singapore
USA UK< Vatican      

Q. What are the documents which will be required as an Omani citizen to get a visa for Qatar?

Since Oman belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council it is not necessary for you to get a visa to Qatar. However, if you still wish to fill a visa application, then you will require your Omani passport under its validity period and confirmed return tickets. Qatar visa documents necessary for an Omani citizen is similar to any other Qatar Visa.

Q. How long can an Omani stay in Qatar under a visa-free entry?

A visa-free entry allows any Omani citizen to stay in Qatar for a period of thirty days at maximum. This can be extended for up to 90 days.

Q. Can I apply for an ETA if I hold a Ghana Passport?

Ghana is not included under the list of countries eligible for visa-free entry to Qatar. Yet, if you do have a residence permit to one of the following countries, then you can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization:

Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Canada Czech
Denmark Estonia Finland France  Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Italy Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Oman Poland Portugal Saudi Arabia Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden Switzerland UK UAE USA
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