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If you have been trying to get a Qatar visa but are not aware of the path that you have to follow. You don't have to panic when the team of  Qatar E Visa Online is here to assist you towards the right path. We are aware of the fact that you have been asking a lot of questions to yourself. All questions of yours are answered and the solution of each is explained in detail. If you wish to know the answer Then you will find it here about Qatar E visa. If you have been looking for the Qatar Visa Service, then you are in the right place as we at Qatar E Visa Online provides the best services for Qatar E visa. Not only this Qatar visa cost is reasonable among all the service providers. Qatar Visa check is another important thing to be considered before you head towards Qatar. 

Qatar is one of the best tourist destinations around the globe which is visited by thousands of people in the world. Qatar is famous for its multi-culture due to which it attracts a lot of tourists. Not only this but it is one of the emerging countries and has the brightest future when it comes to tourism. Well after knowing a lot of good things about Qatar your desire to visit may have raised but Getting the visa without the proper guidance is not at all an option. to provide you proper guidance and assistance we have written this article in this article you will come to know about each and everything. So be with us and read this article carefully. 

What do you mean by Qatar visa? 

So you may be thinking that what exactly is meant by Qatar visa. Generally, whenever a foreign national wants to visit Qatar they are required to have an Official Document that enables them to enter the country. You can consider a visa as a pass for entering any Nation. You must have a visa before you try to enter any Nation because entering a nation without a Visa is a criminal offense and you can put yourself in a big problem if you don't have one. 

Qatar Visa Policy

Qatar is a country that is mostly visited by people around the globe. Not the citizens of every country can visit Qatar as only a few of them are eligible to do so. If you wish to check your eligibility criteria for visiting Qatar then you should have a look at the Qatar visa policy where the countries are categorized in the different list. To make the process easier this policy has been formed by the government of Qatar. 

Countries that can travel freely to Qatar

As per the Visa policy of Qatar, there is a list of countries that do not require a visa to visit Qatar which means that we can travel Qatar by getting a Qatar ETA with a valid passport. This will support their free stay in Qatar. But Qatar offers two kinds of Visa-free stay in the country. 

  1. Visa-free stay up to 180 days
  2. Visa-free stay up to 90 days  

Qatar visa Types 

You must choose the right visa for your visit to Qatar according to your purpose. There are different types of Qatar visas for tourism purposes, for business purposes. Not only this there are different visas for education, medical treatment, permanent residence. We have explained different types of visas and also the subtypes so that you can differentiate among all of them and can select the best suitable visa for you. 

Qatar Visa Type Entry Purpose
Qatar Tourist Visa Single Entry Tourism
Qatar Business Visa Single Entry Business
Qatar Transit Visa Single Entry Tourism
Qatar Student Visa Multiple Entry Study
Qatar Family Visa Single Entry Family Reunion
Qatar ETA Single Entry Business

Qatar ETA 

Qatar ETA is an electronic travel authorization visa which is issued by using online services. Many of you choose Qatar ETA because it is easier to get and you have to go through fewer difficulties. Only a few countries are eligible to get ETA for Qatar. The advantages like you don't have to stand in those long queues, you don't have to visit the embassy again and again physically and you don't have to waste your time anymore. 

Qatar E-visa 

Qatar E Visa is a Visa that is issued to the foreign nationals who wish to visit Qatar and choose to obtain a visa online. E-visa is directly linked with your passport number. Most of the countries can get this visa to Qatar. For getting an e-visa you have to apply it online and fulfill all the requirements after which you can get it on your email when it is processed.  

Tourist visa for Qatar

Qatar Tourist visas are issued for the sole purpose of tourism to those individuals who want to visit Qatar. But this visa comes with a specific period of stay validity and Visa validity. This visa helps you to enter Qatar and will make you eligible to stay there for a specific period. There are two types of tourist visas for Qatar.   

  1. Short stay tourist visa
  2. Long stay tourist visa

Qatar Business visa

Qatar's business visa is one of the widely used visas by the individuals who want to visit Qatar for the work purpose, business purpose, any kind of meetings related to business, conferences are any kind of deal related to business. This visa is specially made for the businessman who wishes to visit the country for any of the above activities. But there are many types of Qatar visa with a specific time frame so it's good for you to choose the best suitable one as per your conditions. 

72-hour Business visa 

As the name suggests, this kind of business visa is valid for up to 72 hours. If you have any kind of meeting or conference that is going to last up to two days, then you can use this visa this is the best suitable visa for your condition. 

Qatar Investor visa

Qatar investors visa is issued to those individuals who wish to invest their money in Qatar business.   The most important thing is that you should have clean records which means that there should be no such activities conducted by you that cause a threat. 

Qatar Transit Visa 

The Transit visa of Qatar is issued to the foreign nationals who have a transit visa flight through Qatar. Explaining in simple words if foreign national travel from one country to another and has a transit flight from Qatar he or she will require a transit Visa which is an important document that is required for you to enter the country. But to get a Qatar Transit Visa you will require a flight ticket towards your final destination. 

Qatar Family Visa 

Qatar family visas are issued to those foreign nationals Who want to visit Qatar to meet their family. It is also Issued to those who wish to stay with family in Qatar. But the one important condition is that the family members living in the country should have permanent residence in the nation. Only after which they can support or sponsor your stay in Qatar. 

For a longer period, you can extend your visa validity which is possible even if you stay in Qatar and apply for the one. If you want to know how you can extend the validity of your Qatar visa and what would be the requirements that you have to follow for getting your cut the family visa, then you should read the complete article where everything has been mentioned and explained in detail to make the process easier for you. 

Qatar visa on arrival   

If you wish to enter Qatar but don't have a visa, there is no need to worry if you fall in the list of visas on arrival countries because this will allow you to enter the country and Visa at the point of entry in Qatar. But before you make your plans to travel to Qatar and get a Qatar Visa on arrival you should make sure that you are eligible to get a visa on arrival for Qatar. Foreign nationals are not eligible to get a visa on arrival; this facility is provided only to the nationals of a few countries. 

Qatar Visa for GCC Residents 

Qatar Visa for GCC residents is only issued to those nationals who belong to one of the GCC countries. But before you apply for a Qatar visa for GCC Residency you should prove that you are part of the country and are financially stable to support your stay in Qatar. Not only this you are required to give the address of the place where you are going to stay while you visit the country. The following countries are part of the GCC:

GCC Countries List
Saudi Arabia Kuwait United Arab Emirates
Qatar Bahrain Oman

Qatar Student visa 

Get the Qatar student visa issued to the foreign nationals who want to study in Qatar. It is known for its education all over the world. There are a lot of students who are studying Qatar and Qatar welcomes them all with the whole heart. If you wish to study in Qatar then you should apply to a school or university in Qatar and get an admission letter from the officials of the Educational Institute so that you can get your student visa issued. 

You will also need to submit a few documents that will help you to get your visa issued and if you wish to know about the documents that are required then you can have a look at the Qatar student visa article where everything is explained just for you. 

Qatar Visa Requirements 

If you have decided that you want to visit Qatar but you'll need a visa that is not easy to get, you have to submit a few important documents that will help you to get your visa but now you may be thinking that what if you want to apply for a visa online. Don't worry we are here to assist you and we will help you to the fullest. There are a few general requirements for Qatar visa that every one of you should fulfill when applying for a Qatar visa. we have explained the general requirements below

A valid passport-  Make sure that your visa is valid for 6 months before you apply for your Qatar visa.

Latest passport size photograph- keep in mind that the photograph you're going to submit should be the latest one and should be clear and that you can be recognized. 

Financial stability proof- This is one of the important documents that will help the government know that you can support your stay in the country for a specific period. In this, you can submit a copy of your bank statement for 3 months. 

Return tickets-  When you decide to visit the country you should have your return tickets be booked so that you can get your visa this step is crucial because this helps the embassy to know that you are going to leave the country on a particular date.

Medical insurance-  You should also get medical insurance for yourself as it is one of the important documents to get a Qatar visa. 

Address of the place where you are going to stay- If you want to stay with any of your friends or relatives staying in the country then you have to give the address of the place with the proof of The Residency of the owner. If you have to stay in a hotel, then you can give proof of your hotel reservations.

This is all about the documents that you will require when applying for Qatar visa if you want to know no more in detail then you can read the article Qatar Visa requirements. 

Qatar Visa fees 

When you apply for Qatar Visa you have to pay a specific amount of fees. Qatar visa cost depends upon the visa you choose. But these fees Varies when with a different visa. Below you will find the fees that you have to pay for a different kind of visa:

Type of Qatar Visa Visa Category Visa Fees Services Fees
30 Days Visa Tourist Visa 100.0 USD 26.0 USD
30 Days Visa Business Visa 150.0 USD 26.0 USD
30 Days Visa ETA 100.0 USD 26.0 USD

How to apply for a Qatar E-visa online? 

It is easier to get Qatar e-visa. Now you may be thinking about how it is possible to apply Qatar visa online and what will be the procedure that you have to go through for applying for your visa online. To Know in detail what is the procedure that you have to follow you should read an article in which he explained everything about the procedure to apply for an E visa online.  

How to track Qatar E-visa status? 

After you have filled your visa application and you have successfully submitted your visa application then you may question whether it is possible to track your Qatar visa status or not. So let's tell you that yes it is possible to track Qatar visa status. There is a simple procedure that you have to follow to track your visa status which is explained briefly below: In the first step, you will be required to important things to track the status that are your

  1. Application ID
  2. Passport number

When you have both of them in half an hour then you can move on to the next to them where you have to click on the option track visa status on the website and you will be redirected to the page where you will the asked to fill your application ID as well as your passport number after which you will be able to check your visa status successfully. If you want to know what the actual application number and passport number is and where you can find it then you can read about the article and everything will be explained in detail.

Track Qatar Visa Status from Government website

There is an alternative way to track your visa status and that too from the Qatar government website. It is as simple as the previous one and will not consume much of your time. As you visit the website you have to click on the visa services after which you have followed a small procedure. 

  • Step-2 Fill your Passport Number. You will find your passport number on the right top of your passport. 
  • Step-3 Select your Nationality. Here you have to select the country of which you hold citizenship. 
  • Step-4 Now it is the final step in this process as every detail is filled accurately you can click on the Submit button. 

After which you will see the current status of your visa processing. Which is absolutely accurate. We have provided the link of the government website to make the process even more simpler for you. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Q. How can I get a Qatar visa?

You can get Qatar visa if you are one among the citizens of those countries who are eligible to visit Qatar after getting a visa. Not the citizens of all the countries can visit Qatar as per the visa policy of Qatar. To get a Qatar visa you have to follow a specific procedure. But before that, you should be sure that you are eligible to visit Qatar. 

  • Apply for Qatar Visa
  • Submit the documents 
  • Pay your Qatar Visa fees
  • Receive your visa through email. 

Q. Do I need a Visa for Qatar? 

Yes, you need a visa to enter Qatar if you are not one among the citizens of those countries who can travel freely or without any kind of visa then you will require a visa for yourself. 

Q. What is Qatar's smart Id Gate pass of Qatar?

Smart Id Gate pass of Qatar are generally microchips that help to know the Id of the person by just scanning it. These were made to make the entry and the exit process of the expatiates easier at the ports. Qatar is a country with a large number of Residents leaving and entering the country frequently that is why Smart Id Gate pass was introduced. 

Q. Can I apply for Qatar Smart-ID Gate pass? 

Yes, you can apply for the smart Id gate pass of Qatar Only if you are one among the below 

  • Gulf countries
  • Residents of Qatar
  • Expatriates Residents in Qatar 

Q. Can I visit Qatar and Oman with a single visa?

Yes, you can travel to Qatar and Oman with a single visa but for that, you have to get Qatar and Oman Joint visas which will allow you to visit both the countries with a single visa. As both, the countries are close enough and support each other for tourism this visa was introduced. 

Q. Can I settle permanently in Qatar is that possible? 

Yes, you can settle permanently in Qatar but for that, you have to apply for the permanent residence of Qatar. You should make sure that you are eligible to apply for the permanent residence of Qatar.  


Now all your stress will go away as this article is all about Qatar visa policy which is important as you should know that you can visit Qatar or not. We have also explained different types of Qatar visas so you can check which Qatar visa is best suitable for you not only this we have provided the links so that you can check the Qatar visa requirements and the further details to get that visa. You'll also find out how you can apply for a visa by using online services and what will be the procedure to track your Qatar visa status. In addition to which you will find what are the general requirements that you have to fulfill for getting Qatar visa. We are here to assist you 24*7. 

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