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Jordan Citizens and The people Living in Jordan need to apply for Qatar Visa Which They Can Apply From Jordan or from Any Corner of the World as Qatar E Visa Online provides online Qatar visa service Worldwide. Qatar Visa for Jordan citizens and residents is available through both online and an offline platform. Jordanian Citizens have it easy while applying for a Qatar Visa. Bordering Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Jordan shares the traditional aspects of the Middle Eastern culture similar to Qatar.


  • How to apply for a Qatar Visa as a Jordanian citizen
  • Qatar Visa for residents living in Jordan
  • Steps to take if you are a Jordan Passport Holders living somewhere else
  • Papers and documents, both general and additional necessary for Jordan citizens and residents
  • Steps to take in order to fill your application correctly
  • How to apply online
  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding Jordanians applying for a Qatar Visa

Qatar Visas applicable for Jordanians

Jordanians (citizens, residents and Jordanian passport holders living in another country) can apply for a Visit Visa to Qatar. Qatar e-visa and a Tourist Visa are also applicable.

Jordanian Citizens living in Jordan

If you were born and brought up in Jordan, in addition to currently living there, then you can apply for an e-visa through Qatar e-visa online, a Qatar Tourist Visa online and a visit visa as well. A Qatari Tourist visa will allow you to stay there for up to 30 days, which can always be extended with a medical examination in Qatar itself.

The Qatar visa you wish to choose depends upon the duration of your stay and whether you will be living in a hotel or with your Qatari relatives.

Jordanian Citizens living in another country

Being a Jordan passport holder, you do qualify for all the Qatar visas mentioned above. Yet, since you are currently living in a different country, you will have to provide an additional document which would state that you are legally living there.

For example, if you possess a Jordanian passport but are living in the United States of America, then you need to show a Residence card of the USA along with your other Qatar visa documents which you will be submitting with your visa form.

Jordanian Residents

If you are living in Jordan as a resident (meaning, you live there for educational or work-related purposes, and were not born in Jordan), then you can apply for a Tourist Visa to Qatar. An e-visa and a visit visa are applicable as well, however, you will be asked to provide a document (a Residence Permit) stating that you will be arriving in Qatar from Jordan.

Application Process for a Qatar Visa

The right type of Qatar Visa Requirements submitted will cancel out any tedious revisions while your application is being processed. 

Applying online through Qatar e-visa online removes the tension of travelling to the embassies again and again. In addition to this, you will receive your Qatar visa in your own inbox registered with the site.  Some of the documents which will be required as a scan in an online visa process are:

1. Qatar visa application and filling: A Qatar visa application form, whether you fill it online or on print, must be clear and complete. Avoid overwriting or scratching out information. Start afresh if you write something wrong as any mishaps can lead to a rejection of your Qatar visa.

2. Passport Details: You need to have copies of your Jordanian Diplomatic Visa if you are going to work in Qatar. Otherwise, your general Jordan Passport scans/copies will suffice. If you are a resident living in Jordan, then the passport to your native country is to be used.

3. Appropriate and Quality photographs: Do keep 2-3 passport-sized photos with you at all time. 

These are to be submitted as a coloured and quality print to the Qatari embassy as well. All photographs must be identical throughout all the papers you submit.

4. Flight Tickets to and fro Qatar and Hotel Stay and Reservations are also a necessity to show the duration of your stay in Qatar.

5. A Residence Permit is mandatory if you are a Jordan passport holder yet are living in another country. A Jordanian Residence Permit is necessary IF you are a resident of Jordan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a Diplomatic passport of Jordan. Can I still apply for a Qatar Visa?

Jordanian citizens can apply for a Qatar Visa through their permanent or diplomatic passports. The only difference is that a diplomatic passport is mandatory if you wish to work in Qatar under a government firm or organisation.

Q. I hold a GCC Passport. Currently, I am living in Jordan. Can I visit Qatar visa-free as per the GCC guidelines?

No. The visa-free provision is only applicable if you are a citizen of one of the countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council AND also are currently living there (that is, if you fly to Qatar from your GCC Country, then you can travel to Qatar without any prior visa approval).

Q. Can I apply for a Qatar Visa-on-arrival as a Jordanian citizen?

No, a Qatar Visa on arrival service is provided to natives of 272 countries so far. Since Jordan is not included in this list, Jordanian citizens mandatorily require a visa beforehand.

Q. I live in one of the eligible countries for a visa on arrival facility to Qatar, yet I hold a Jordanian passport. Can I travel to Qatar visa-free and receive my visa on the Qatari airport?

No, if you hold a Jordanian passport, then your native country will be Jordan (you will be considered as a citizen of Jordan and a resident of the country you are currently living in). The countries eligibility list for visa on arrival to Qatar allows only the citizens of that country to apply for this visa type. 

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