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Qatar is an emerging nation with multi-culture sightseeing. In order to achieve entry into the country, you need to know everything about Qatar visa as a legitimate passport and visa are needed to enter Qatar. With the many types of Qatar visa offered by Qatar, here is everything you need to know about Qatar Visa. From application processes to check your Qatar Visa Status, all of it can become confusing. Simplifying it into simple steps, each of these categories is explained in detail under the following heads:

  • Types of Qatar Visas
  • Visa-free Arrivals and Exemptions
  • General documents required to apply
  • Frequently asked queries

Qatar Visa Types

Tourist Visa

Meant for people who wish to visit Qatar for enjoying the culture, traditions and values of the Middle Eastern Lands, a Qatar Tourist Visa can be applied for through online and offline platforms.

One can choose between the following types of Tourist Visas depending upon their duration of stay in Qatar: A Short Tourist Visa or a Long one. 

A Short Tourist visa lasts for two weeks for a candidate. This visa type is apt for tourists who do not have any relatives in Qatar and wish to visit Qatar for a vacation.

If you do have relatives living in Qatar and wish to stay with them for a longer period than two weeks, than a Qatar Long Tourist Visa has a validity period of three months.

Business Visa

If you are planning to work in Qatar for business projects under an employee, or even wish to start and invest in a business of your own, then a Qatar Business Visa will be beneficial for you if you stay for long terms in Qatar.

The duration of your work in Qatar will determine which Qatar Business Visa you can choose from, a 72-hour Business Visa or a Business Visa for a longer duration. This visa is meant for Short Business Meetings, conferences, trade exhibitions and lectures. These meetings and conferences also become your reason of visit to Qatar while you apply for the visa.

Student Visa

Qatar along with being a perfect travel destination is also a great hub for people seeking knowledge overseas. Students who wish to stay in Qatar to study can apply for a Student Visa. 

This Qatar Visa does have its own separate set of requirements and helps in defining your purpose of visit to Qatar. Additional Documents you will require for a Qatar Student Visa are your approval of admission in the university and your proof of stay while you study in Qatar.

Online Visa

The world is accessible through just a click of a button has made it easier for anyone to apply for a Qatar Visa through their own homes. Various online platforms provide the necessary means to apply for a Qatar Visa and receive it within a few days. 

Qatar e-visa, with its user-friendly platform, provides you with the list of documents you will have to submit for your Qatar visa. Your visa will be sent to you in your registered email id inbox itself, within a span of 72 hours only.

Visa Exemption and Visa-Free Arrival


An Electronic Travel Authorization is a pass for travellers to enter Qatar visa-free. Countries included in Qatar ETA do have an advantage of not generating their visa beforehand. 

Citizens who do not belong to these countries can also submit a residency permit belonging to a specific set of countries in order to be eligible for a Qatar ETA. Know more about Qatar ETA and its terms and conditions here.

GCC Residents

The Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC is an alliance of Middle Eastern countries. These countries have mutually decided to drop their borders for the economic, social and cultural benefit of each country.

Citizens of the Gulf Co-operation Council are able to travel freely without any prior document submission from one GCC country to another. Know more about Qatar visas and GCC Residents here.

Visa on-Arrival

Nationals of specific countries do get a facility of obtaining their Qatar visa once they arrive in Qatar.

Two visa-on-arrival categories are created by the Qatari government: 30 day and 90 days visa-on-arrival. Both of these are single-entry visas.

Know more about Qatar Visa-on-arrival here.

Qatar ETA

All visa-free eligible countries to Qatar can very well opt for an ETA. However, if you do not belong in this list, then submitting a residence permit of one of the following countries will be considered for a Qatar ETA as well:

  • United States of America
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Any countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which are: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar itself.

General Documents you will need

  • Passport: with a validity period of minimum six months.
  • Photographs: Passport sized photographs, preferably with a plain background.
  • Residence Proof/Hotel Bookings: A Proof of residence is in the form of electricity bills and/or papers of your relatives living in Qatar.
  • Confirmed Return Tickets
  • Medical Health Report: Specific to citizens of particular countries, however, it is required if you wish to extend your visa later on.
  • Financial Statements: proving you will be able to sustain yourself while in Qatar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the ways in which I can apply for a Qatar Visa?

A Qatar Visa can be applied for both online and offline. Applying online is made easier with Qatar e-visa online wherein you can submit your documents and receive your visa in your inbox in 72 hours. It is important to know the Qatar Visa Requirements beforehand in order to apply for a visa online.

Q. What are the countries that can travel to Qatar without any visa beforehand?

Citizens belonging to the GCC Countries can travel to Qatar visa-free, these six countries belonging to the Middle Eastern lands are:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Bahrain

Other countries can arrive in Qatar visa-free and later apply for a visa on arrival. These countries are divided into two categories depending upon the duration of their stay in Qatar. Some Countries can stay up to 90 days without a Qatar Visa, while some can be there till 180 days at one stretch.

Q. Can I transit in Qatar without a visa?

You can apply for a Qatar Transit Visa if you wish to stay in Qatar for a short while when you are waiting for your next flight. Know more about Qatar Transit Visas here.

Q. What are some additional documents required?

Depending upon your type of visa and purpose of visit, additional documents like medical health report and residence permit could be asked. Know more about Qatar Visa Requirements here.

With the many variations of visas offered by Qatar, one can easily understand which one to apply for. Being in the right category of visa will make it easier for approving and generating your Qatar Visa as soon as possible, efficiently.

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